Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


You said “It seems after the likes of Harvey, Thompson, Van der Haar retired, we’ve not had a reputation for being a hard, well-drilled, ‘do anything for the team’, club.”. When nearly half the 2000 side was hard as nails, that’s just rubbish.


Mate, i acknowledge, I wasn’t very clear with my original post, it couldve been written better,… but I didn’t disparage the 2000 team… how the h3ll did you get? They were great, didn’t say they weren’t… I actually said there were plenty in the team who were hard without listing every single one. J3sus, 2000 went through the season almost undefeated, there was nothing they weren’t good at. So yeah, I should have been doubly farking clear and said since the 93 AND 2000 teams, we’ve not been a hard team. I did say it’s been almost 20 years (since 2000) did allude to the 2000 team, but wasn’t emphatic enuff for ya it would seem…

But seriously, who trolls along the Blitz looking to pick holes in every post that isn’t worded like a watertight legal statement? Plenty it would seem, including yourself. Maybe focus your penchant for grammar pedantry somewhere else bud… maybe go moderate for Wikipedia where your talents might be better appreciated. Cheers.


You disparaged the 2000 team. What you wrote was:

  • “It seems after the likes of Harvey, Thompson, Van der Haar retired, we’ve not had a reputation for being a hard, well-drilled, ‘do anything for the team’, club. J Johnson, Hardwick, Solomon and Hird are the exceptions”
    given the 2000 team was after Harvey/Thompson/Van der Haar retired, this seems to be a disparagement. You listed 3 players and others as “exceptions”, which as written doesn’t mean the 2000 team was given a pass

  • it could be close to 20+ years since we’ve had the rep that Hawthorn have had for awhile
    20 years is 1998. So 20+ years is before 1998. So you lumped the 2000 side in your disparagement

  • 2000,2001 we covered up a less than optimum culture with talent
    not exactly speaking highly of the 2000 team, and given your focus is on being tough and well-drilled, yes I’d take this as disparagement

So you disparaged them three times. Taken together, I think its hard for someone to interpret that as not lumping the 2000 team in with the culture issues you’re targeting.

Maybe you didn’t mean to write that. But you did. Don’t complain when your written text says something and others point out that its wrong, and especially don’t then start hurling insults and calling them a troll.


Right, let’s end this because, fark me, for two supporters of the same club who both agree that the 2000 team was a great one, (but not flawless), this just seems like a stupid argument over semantics and nothing else.

We had a lot of hard units in 2000, I agree. I didn’t explain myself very well, I agree.

I think we had a less than optimum culture in 2000, ( BTW this is not the same as saying we did not have enough hard players - you’ve equated the two to mean the same thing… why, I don’t farking know).

The 2000 team lost in 1999 against a sh*t Carlton - did we farking not? We should have won the premiership that year but choked. We had a team that could have had a three-peat in 99, 00 and 01, had all the talent and hard units needed, but we choked in 1999, and probably declined quicker than everyone thought we would, from 2001 onwards.

You know what? Better to get one, than none - they were still a great team.

But it’s hardly going out on a farking limb to say we had a ‘less than optimum culture’ , in light of what transpired after those three years, is it? Brisbane three-peat, Hawthorn three-peat. If Brisbane and Hawthorn were optimum, we were a bit less. No big deal.

But, according to you saying ‘less than optimum’ is being disparaging… a farking awful and outlandish thing to say.

A definition of disparaging for you ‘…expressing the opinion that something is of little worth; derogatory’.
Essendon’s 2000 team were great with room for improvement, and probably in the culture department - that was what I was saying. ‘Room for improvement’, ‘less than optimum’… not horrible things to say, pretty mild all up really.

Brisbane’s achieved a three-peat since, Hawthorn’s done it since… it’s not a big farking deal to suggest our culture was less than optimum… not the same as saying ‘we were sh*t’. Capisce?

But, fark me, according to you, it is…

So tell me, outraged, protector of all things Essendon, what the fark is wrong with stating that the Don’s team of 99, 00 and 01 , (that didn’t get a three-peat), does not ‘have the reputation’ of a Hawthorn and Brisbane who do have three-peats? Why the farking outrage over me saying ‘it’s been 20+years since we had the same rep as Hawthorn’?

There are too many outrage posters on the Blitz that cruise around this site, twisting the slightest critical thing said about the club into something far worse. Read what I wrote, realise that it was no big deal, and chill the fark out.

BTW, a definition of the verb ‘troll’ in the context I was using it - a reminder…

Troll - Carefully and systematically search an area for something. To which you replied with three carefully and systematically selected quotes from my posts and said…

Didn’t call you a ‘troll’ - said you were ‘trolling’, because you were- by definition. And it’s no big deal, another thing not to get outraged over.

Suggestion - read more carefully, quote accurately and chill the fark out. Night Ants.


Not sure how the 2000 team can lose against anyone in 1999.

And the 2000 team were as hard as you can get, and dominated a season like no-one else ever has.

And the 2001 team were also very good and very hard, finished top of the Ladder and it took a Team of Champs in Brisbane to knock them over.

And 1999 does not exist in my memory. Fark Carlton.


Obviously the ‘2000 team’ means ‘the players in the 2000 team’, materially the same as those in 99 and 01. Swap Rioli 1999 for Hird 2000, Somerville for Barnes, Hardwick in 01 etc. But, for the most part it was a pretty similar team across the three years. Those players and Sheedy have admitted plenty of times, that ‘that’ team underachieved, and should have snaffled at least one more flag. But you can pretend otherwise if you like, Bacchus.


Nothing is obvious in the way you post.

And while you can feel all warm and fuzzy by saying that in 1999 to 2001, the Bombers underachieved, winning a flag any time is difficult, and it is so easy to rewrite history nearly 20 years later.


Nah mate, it was obvious…

And who’s rewriting history 20 years later? Sheedy’s gone on the record as saying the side underperformed - reckon he would know.

Warm and fuzzy? Wtf? I’m not warm and fuzzy that we’ve been ordinary for so long, I think it’s sh8thouse. I bring it up because I think the club could do worse than bring some key players from the 80s and 90s back into the place, to work on the culture of the club at the coterie and board level.

Listen, you can disagree but I think we’re done here if you want to put words in my mouth that simply aren’t true… no ones warm and farking fuzzy that we haven’t been a contender since early 2000s


Reboot. Thanks for your detailed reply, which I appreciate.

It seems to come down to your objection to my use of the word regress.
Yep. I am disappointed with the season and yes I am trying to work out why.

It seems to me that given the failure of Joe this year, there was an opportunity for the remaining forwards to step up. In fact their output in terms of the stat that matters (scores) has dropped. Stringer has helped a lot even though we are trying to develop him as a midfielder.

I don’t see regression as a permanent thing. A form drop, failure to adapt to significant change of structure, whatever you like to call it can be reversed . It just has not happened fast enough. We really needed to be 6 and 6 or better at this point.



Do you ever go to Club and Coterie events ?

Many of the Champs who played in 1980’s and 1990’s are there, telling us about their exploits on and off the field. They love each other and our great Club; you can see it in their eyes and they way they speak.

But they don’t go around giving free advice to current Coaches or Board Members, they rally us Supporters to stand by the Club.


Yeah, I know.

Listen, to clear things up, this all started with me just posting about how Tim Watson said there was something special about his original premiership teams, and me wondering out loud whether we were tapping into those guys enough. That’s it, a nothing post.

But along come long time gatekeeping Blitzers saying ‘you’re not treating the 2000 team with enough respect’. WTF? I wasn’t trying to have a go at 2000.

Anyway, I’m stupid, retaliate, let a nothing post snowball into a lot of stupid posts about whether 2000 was great or not… as if anyone thinks it wasn’t.

But anyway, I’m done here… I need to go grow a thicker skin. Cheers.


Just being a Bomber makes us reptilian

I am just a sensitive old bloke who doesn’t give a fark what anyone thinks of me.

Work that one out Dr Freud


I think Skipworth deserves a pat on the back.

Worked wonders with the forwardline last year and our midfield this year is starting to look like a modern midfield.

We are applying pressure, moving the ball fast and winning clearances.

Can coach.


Definitely we are getting it done defensively & also winning solid share of the footy

Some handy personnel changes helping him also who are all putting pressure on

Into midfield

  • Smith, McGrath, Langford, Guelfi, Stringer

And the extra small fwd in Bags at present meaning they are also deploying Raz there a lot more IMO as well. Who is doing plenty of damage.

And Belly is in career best form


Next stop: Make him the coach of umpiring!

(tongue-in-cheek; think he’s doing well at EFC)


He’s having an undeniable impact.


It’s the main reason for our two seasons imo. It’s an argument up @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS alley, that loosing Watson, Stanton, Hocking,Howlett and Bitd in one offseason, the midfield was allways going to take some time. It’s starting to pay off.


what I like about the past 5 weeks is that basically in all our wins, we have won the same way. Not kicking massive scores, but applying massive pressure around the contest, superb running off half back, dare through the middle of the ground. Its quite clear to see a style of play, which I think is super encouraging.

Even against Richmond I felt our pressure around the contest was still pretty good, but Richmond just ended up getting the better of us and we fell in a heap.


Imagine if our forward line was as amazing as last year…


Exactly. It’s like we’ve had a stitched together forward line all year.