Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


Sought-after assistant staying at Tigerland

Ashley Browne

Oct 5, 2018 12:25PM

RICHMOND has retained in-demand Blake Caracella as part of its coaching staff for 2019.

The Tigers announced on Friday some changes to Damien Hardwick’s staff for next season, but keeping Caracella, a key strategist and advisor to Hardwick, but who was out of contract, was a major priority.

He is listed as an assistant coach, offensive, in the 2019 arrangement.

The key addition is Adam Kingsley, the highly regarded former Port Adelaide and St Kilda assistant, and premiership teammate of Hardwick at Port in 2004, who will take charge of the midfield and stoppages.

Justin Leppitsch moves from the forward line to the backline, the role he had when he first worked under Hardwick and where he made his name as a triple-premiership player for Brisbane.

Richmond 2019 coaching structure:
Senior coach: Damien Hardwick
Head of Coaching and Football Performance: Tim Livingstone
Assistant coach, forwards: Andrew McQualter
Assistant coach, midfield/stoppage: Adam Kingsley
Assistant coach, backline: Justin Leppitsch
Assistant coach, offensive: Blake Caracella
VFL and development coach (forwards): Craig McRae
Development coach and VFL midfield: Xavier Clarke
Development coach and VFL backline: Ryan Ferguson





Gee…he really lost weight during the fall




Pray for Nino

No Wallis
No Caracella
No blitz login


I do not care for this news.


I don’t mind. He’ll be our new senior coach in a few years.


May possibly be the plan.

Stay at Tiges til Johns ready to pull the pin,… walk in and take over a side at the top of their game, and a solid ongoing list & cap strategy in place, selling success for less, … ala Hawthorn.

The strategy was basically all said between the lines of Wooshas speech last night (sans handing over to Caracella/ new Coach bit).




Lol indeed.
Make the ■■■■■■■ finals first.


That is part of the plan, … that I’ve long accepted is inevitable.


I guess it is.
If you take the long view.


Lol, … I seriously believe we’re finals bound next year and will win 1, maybe 2, . perhaps more. There’s a flag team building and we’ll have one within 3 or 4 years, … or at least have the chances for one.

Also accepted, … (or something about his family back in Perth makes me believe ) Woosh will hand it over within a few years ,… perfectly possible Cara is in the sights for the role after that, … and that he might be happy to wait til then for the chance to come home.


Maybe Caracalla doesn’t want a head job


Maybe Caracalla is not appropriate for a head coaching role. Maybe Essendon do not want Caracalla to be head coach at any time.

Seems to have been anointed as successor on nothing more than the vibe.

Which, in fairness, is par for the course round here, so carry on.


Come again?


I think he means Cara is more of a giver.


As do I.
But then I thought that this year.
The more interesting question is, what will you think if they don’t?


Apart from Rutten, have we got any other new coaches coming in?