Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

i’d explain it, but you’re one of at least 20 odd people on this site who i don’t have any time for as you’re simply not worth it.

I’d love to hear this explanation



That is one of the great unanswered questions of our times.

I suspect that physicists will unify quantum mechanics with general relativity before we find the answer to that one.


so it’s narrowed down to you’re either lances or deckhams second account. good to know, always had my money on deckham, sorry steady teddy.

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Its a good conversation starter.

Sorry to see Harding go personally. No opinion on Corrigan, but it does feel like we need some new blood.

To be honest, I’m surprised Harvey isn’t being talked about.

I’m no Mark harvey fan, but the backline has been excellent this year.


Oh well. It wouldn’t make sense anyway.


I have no idea what any of the coaches do and amazed when people are so sure who is to blame, who is a good assistant etc. etc.


Nobody has any real idea
Worsfold senior coach, Skippie midfield, Corrigan fwd, Harvey backline, Harding tactical/analysis

But WTF is James Kelly’s role? Luke Ball?

Where are the lines drawn, is tactical in charge of matchups or the line coaches, or is that senior coach’s role?
And who’s on the selection committee?

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No it wouldn’t.


People are just full of ■■■■.




The was a good breakdown on of the make up of the Collingwood match day staff… could Luke Ball’s role for us be a bit like Marcus Wagner’s?

Who’s that in the coaches’ box? -

I’ll admit I have NFI about what exactly the coaches do, but I really didn’t like the almost total lack of structure in the Two’s forward line when Corrigan had sole command, and then to put him in as the Senior forwards coach always mystified me.
Given our forwards lack of tactical nous, even with the injuries, that many have commented on I’m not sad to see him go.
He’s a solid player development type, but modern football needs a bit more from line coaches, especially as Woosha seems to rely on their tactical and strategic input.

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25-26 people seems utterly ludicrous.

Dodoro puts him to shame…

And a kicking coach please.


Here’s a left field idea but let’s bring Hird into Hardings role. He was being chased by Freo for the exact same role that harding did. Or we could being him back as an assistant. If not then Dan Jordan will take Corrigans role