Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

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Is Luke Hodge a lock at Hawthorn next year?

Don’t know but would love him as an assistant.



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Guelfi, Francis, Langford, Fantasia, Merrett, McKenna, Ridley, Tippungwuti (questionable).

Only player who has put their hand up for AA selection in 2019 is Saad.

Good improvement from Redman, McGrath, and the handful of games from Clarke.

Very disappointing year so far imo.


Interesting. I disagree with all of those bar Fantasia, and that’s due to injury.

Parish hasn’t improved?

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I hope they dont forget to get a strength and conditioning coach? Can somebody remind them…


imo Ambrose should be a shoe in for AA this season

No chance I don’t think. Maybe a small chance if he didn’t get injured, but no hope now I’d suggest.

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There’s zero chance Paddy would ever get an AA gig, unless he started averaging 20+ touches across the back half. That’s why Saad won’t make the team, he’s not racking up 25-30 possession games.

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Rance has never averaged 20 disposals in a single season and he’s been AA 5 times. In his last 2 years he’s only averaged 16.

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Club succumbs to Blitz pressure?
2 coaches leave for greener pastures.

Or the club advised that they would not be renewing their positions earlier and gave them time to find a new job and have now announced they are leaving.

At the end of the day all clubs have a footy department salary cap so you do need these no name types at the club on little money so don’t expect another big name assistant to come in


They’re the best 2 options you could come up with?

I think and am pretty sure he is staying at Brisbane and will take up an assistant coaching role there. He and his wife recently bought a home in Brisbane.

Skipworth has performed well in my opinion

Had the forward line humming before Corrigan rooted it and has been responsible for a very competitive midfield since he took that over.

The right moves were made

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He has done well securing a 10 year gig in an underperforming side in a performance based industry.


Will drop himself down to the VFL.