Coffee machines


In fairness, I’ve always had a hell of a time keeping unkilled cows on the hotplate.


The degree of difficulty almost turned me vegetarian!


This coffee machine is meant to do a really good home espresso.


as with almost anything to do with espresso, user skill > quality of the machine


I ended up getting the delonghi as a starter, then see if we want to upgrade in a year or two.

So noone please kill my vibe.


you’ll be delonghing for a better machine before long.


■■■■■, don’t kill my vibe. I said.


have you ever tried getting good?


My Aldi espresso machine still going strong after 2 years. I’ve been using the Vittori Oro ground beans as I dont have a grinder.

The taste is strong which suits me as I hate the milky taste and no sugar required. Sugar in a coffee to me is like tomato sauce on flake. A no go.


Never tried a French Press before, but saw a couple from Kitchen Warehouse at various sizes on sale, so I purchased.

Very, very nice coffee if you buy quality beans, and grind them properly.
Also now purchased a decent manual grinder to achieve the correct consistency.
I’m a convert.


Just from personal experience I cannot stand any type of coffee where there is excessive time of the coffee being in the water. Just becomes dish water googed up on caffeine. Espresso bases are my one true love.


Yep, Darli loves her french press, I won’t touch it.


The correct term is ‘steeping’ …you uncultured swine !


steeping to become ■■■■.

i’ve been so tired of late i don’t even know when footy is back.


Went to the Castlemaine Saturday morning market yesterday.
Quaint little market.
Bought some coffee beans called Rocket Roast.

The beans are roasted in a wood fired cast iron oven utilising Australian Redgum.
Imparts a very subtle wood fragrance/flavour onto the beans.
Very pleasant indeed.


I post this with trepidation but Kmart are selling an espresso machine for $90. My current machine is a leaking Sunbeam so I’m not fussy and I get my beans from Coffee Company and actually shove them in the freezer and grind two weeks worth at a time. I drink one mug a day and I like it strong. I even cook it in the microwave for 45 seconds because I like it hot, and I don’t care if that involves “burning the coffee” because I don’t notice. So basically I’m a coffee peasant but it’s still better than instant.
Anyway is there anyone here who isn’t a coffee waanker who can tell if the Kmart machine produces a reliable strong brew, that’s basically all I care about.


28 day return policy at K Mart, so suck it & see.?
Just be sure to check out the details, … probably have to keep all the packaging etc.

But it’s only 15 bar, even the ALDI capsule job has 19. You may well be better off with one of them for the same Money, and buying the No 10 (strong) capsules, or preferably of course, … getting a refillable one and loading your own Black Acid blend into it.


I’d love to help you out my friend, but I have become a ginormous coffee waanker since buying a French Press, and an over priced hand grinder.



Just get an aeropress for under $40. Uses less coffee, takes a few minutes, cleans up in seconds, tastes very ■■■■■■ good. Not kidding, it’s the home choice of baristas, and it travels. And you can even get add ons that turn it into a cold filter drip among other things.


why would you buy a 90 dollar espresso machine?

just get an aeropress and make good stuff for a fraction of the price.

also don’t grind 2 weeks in advanced you’re wasting anything good about the coffee.

just because you’;re not a snob/wanker doesn’t mean you should be accepting objectively ■■■■ coffee.