No doubt we have noted peculiar coincidences in regards to the Bombers’ history and thought there must be many that eagle eyed Blitzers will have picked up.
Here are a couple I found interesting.

1965 Grand Final score was 14.21.105.
19 years later we kicked 14.21.105 in the 84 GF.

Reynolds (37), Moss (76), Hird (96) and Watson (2012!!!) all won a Brownlow medal in the same year they won their third Best and Fairest.

Yes I know small things amuse small minds but hey, it’s quite in the office today.

Any to add.


We didn’t win a final in 2005.
Then we didn’t win a final in 2006.
…etc etc blah blah we suck


this thread is going to be great


We’ve been a steaming pile ■■■■ every year for 17 years.

Eddie McGuire called Goodes an ape and coincidentally ran a club with systematic racism issues. I mean what are the chances!


Daniher wanted to leave. We kept him. A year later he wants to leave again.
I know, right?

Best coincidence I’ve ever heard of happened at the Wimmera Mail-Times thirty odd years ago.

‘Has anyone got the number for Nancy Bloggs in Beulah? I need to call her for a story.’
‘Nuh. Anyway, who wants to draw the winner of the competition we’ve been running!’
‘Yeah…alright…so it’s …Nancy Bloggs, Beulah, 0353 82 55555.’


At one point I voiced an opinion that all town names in the Wimmera are made up.

Beulah? You’re not even trying, now.


I thought this thread was about the coincidence that there was a big outbreak of covid in Wuhan just down the road from the covid-bat-testing-mad-professor’s-research-lab, but I see it’s much more sciencey than that.


Surely it’s just a coincidence that CollingwoodFC has permitted an environment of racism to persist under a President who has publically likened one of the greatest Indigenous players of all time to King Kong

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I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Henry’s a frikkin Quantong,
so that’s not a made up word.

I don’t know what that means, but I played footy for them for a season so it’s definitely real.

Gerang Gerung.
Jung, with a hard J.

It’s actually me in that twitter video from last year. The bat was tasty, zero regrets.

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HirdMentality - Thread Reader!! :smirk:

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Sorry for the sidetrack, but I work in Box Hill where there’s a Wimmera St.
They pronounce it Wim air a.
I tell them that’s not how it’s pronounced.
‘I live there, I think I know how it’s pronounced.’
Wim as Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I don’t think you do.’


14 posts is too many to catch up on

I lived in Manuka Street as a kid. It was pronounced Manooka in Victoria not Manaka as in Canberra

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So it’s you that’s the freaking Quantong.
Sorry Henry, I was getting you & B-girl mixed up.

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What are the odds of a wife and husband having their birthdays both on Australia Day.