Cold Hard Fact - Carlton Loss Did Not Cost Us A Place In The Eight

With Geelong currently leading by ten goals at half time, we can finally put to rest the over used and abused theory that the Carlton loss this season cost us a place in the finals.

Geelong will finish a game and 20+ % ahead of us and so even if we had won that game, we still would not have made the eight.

So those of you who persist with the idea that the Carlton loss was our undoing, cold hard facts show that you’re wrong.

So please move on :slight_smile:


So it was the Freo loss then?


True, but the loss that hurt our pride the most.


Lol…maybe both :wink:

Until Collingwood get booted out of finals for PED use and then Fark Port or Norf get in by percentage over us :rofl:

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Most costly was the Melbourne loss. 8 pt game.

We’d be sitting on 13 wins and them on 12 needing to beat GWS if the result flipped.

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The loss to Carlton was one of many factors as to why we didn’t make finals.

It was also the turning point of our season, one in which we had a 10-4 win loss ratio thereafter.

Short term pain…


… so the Carlton and Footscray losses cost us a finals place!!!

Fk this club, fire them all from Canons etc etc, …

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It didn’t help.


All jokes aside,it was the way we played in the 1st 10 rounds that killed us.

And it was the Dogs game where it was very evident there was something amiss with the effort,the gameplan,and communication in general.


In fact, the farkcarlton loss was the catalyst for us winning enough games to have a chance of making the eight. :wink:


I still blame Jay Neagle for playing on in the goal square v the Cats.


This. We hit rock bottom and we improved out of sight. Season would’ve been nothing without that loss.

The goal square must have been big back then. He was about 30 metres out


If we win the flag next season that Carlton loss will be the reason why.

That woke the entire organization up.

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That would make our last three flags indirectly caused by Carlton

Haha Fark Carlton.

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The Carlton loss as bad as it was, was the catalyst for the club to really ask itself the hard questions and start to turn things around.

I still rate the loss v.s the dogs as the worst of our season. We were so bad that day, actually bad is too nice a word for our performance that day


Dogs, the most insipid game I have seen us play in years.


Our poor kicking under pressure is why we are not playing finals, how many times did we kick the ball directly to the opposition in crucial moments.
Employ a kicking coach for the upcoming preseason.