Couldn’t find anything for this so here goes.

Found this at salvos and as they had no idea of any real value (maybe neither do I) got a sneaky little deal. At least I think I did, but this isn’t about money.

Brought back heaps of memories as a kid. Such warm fuzzy feelings. The older I get, the more I realise I should have held into this type of stuff and the more of it I have hanging around the better I feel.

Probably not that exciting for some but I’m sure there’s other stuff people get that equates to such fuzziness.

Straight to the pool room as they say.


Someone I played cricket with as recently as 3 years ago was still using his GN Scoop he got in the early 80s. It was older than me! And it still went well. Those bats definitely were made to last. Good acquisition!


Pick up and balance was superb, comparable to todays bats definitely. Looks like it was in an auction and has fallen through the cracks to the salvos.

Think I need to turn workshop into a museum at the moment.

Otherwise I know a set for the steptoe and son reboot.

Love it. Back when bats were what they should be, and if you didn’t find the middle, or couldn’t time the ball, you weren’t rewarded with runs.


My first “real” cricket bat (as opposed to the bat grandpa fashioned for me from an old weatherboard offcut and a milk churn as stumps) was a GN Single Scoop.

County’s, Duncan Fearnley’s , Gray Nich’s, GM Maestro’'s, SS Jumbo’s, , Super Tuskers. Absolute golden days of cricket.


My old man had one of those. Fark they picked up heavy compared to modern bats.


This. Couldn’t agree more.

It took a David Gower or a Viv Richards to demonstrate that albeit in such different ways.


I had this awful Indian thing that wasn’t even all pro standard. It was from my grandma, too heavy, no middle. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I dealt with it for a couple of years before getting a Duncan fearnley.

Always in awe of any kid who had a scoop. Or god for bit a double scoop.

Then you’d sit there watching boonie carve attacks with one and you’d think that’s all I needed to become test match standard.

I just hit an old leather case with pictured above. So many good vibrations.

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Yeah, the double scoops had some cred. So did the butterfly scoops (quads) , but as I mentioned in the cricket thread a month or two back , my Dad had a theory that the butterfly would weaken the toe too much and indeed we subsequently saw a couple of instances where the butterfly scoops cracked and had to be swapped.

I had to smile at the talk when Marnus’ started using the “retro” kookaburra this summer. That wasn’t true retro. The burra’s came after the ones we were using as kids.

My best mate still has his old man’s “Crocket” bat. Now that’s an old bit of timber.


Yep, but we all wanted to be Viv, right? (Then he swapped to the Slazenger!) .

The Super Tusker was heaviest in my memory. We’d be 12 years old and barely able to lift it, but that’s just how it had to be.


Did he have a bubble or something?

Correct. Well, it had bubble stickers at least.

None of em would ever be using the actual 1990’s timbers, lol.

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If we’re talking collectables in general, my true “collection” thing is Biggles books. Quite a decent collection too, but it’s taken me 35+ years and eBay has ruined things. I could easily finish it off, but I refuse to do it via ebay for 1) the prices , and 2) it’s too easy and removes the entire “hunt” from the equation.

I also have an unfortunate (from my wife’s/family/household clutter viewpoint) ability to accumulate cameras. I wouldn’t call it a collection as such, there’s no aim or carefully considered targeting of it. Just random purchases on a whim in various op shops and the like, lol .

Oh, and I have two Triumph motorcycles in the shed. One is a general daily ride, the other is a bit more “special” and might be worth something one day. I’ll probably have carked it by then, but hopefully the kids or more likely grandkids might one day have someone oggle it and say “woah, a Thruxton 1200 in mint condition from early this century!? How much do you want?” .


I only ever owned three bats.

A Kookaburra Supreme
A Kookaburra Ridgeback
A Gray-Nicholls Ultimate 750 (Never needed another bat once I got this.)

I still have all of them tucked away in an old cricket bag somewhere.


The marketing for those things was almost unnecessary.

Right up to bevo and his Millichamp (before puma bought them) all you had to do was watch those guys cut sick with one and it was “muuuuum, can I get one of those for birthday or Xmas and if it’s expensive can we make it a joint present (December baby) me….”

AB (DF), Viv (slaz) Richie Richardson (SS, all though I swear I only got those because they never wore helmets.

Deanos bubble, gowers GN.

Must have been a nightmare for parents keeping up.

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I’ve started collecting Wisdens.

I am a cricket nerd. And I love it.

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My current bat - occasionally I still roll out for a vets game - is an old Callan that I bought probably mid-90’s when Ian had his shop out in Ringwood.

Magnificent middle on it. Barely gets the ball off the square anywhere else though.


I harped on for a while , wanting a V100(?) coz Viv had one and the big cat decal looked cool.

Never got one.

The DF’s at my junior club are my most vivid “want” . Definitely associated with Border. Only a few kids had them, but those and the Maestros had the most mystique. Never got either of those either, lol.

But I was always an opening bat and all the way through I’ve preferred a lighter bat / pickup. My Scoop served me well for many years. Eventually it became our group of mates stuff-around net bat , was obviously already a junior size and got so worn down it was probably like a rounders bat!


I’ve got an Ian Davis double scoop. Who wants it?


There was also a period that I’d equate to the craft beer boom, where smaller , less well known bats appeared.

Callan , Ulysses, Bradbury, M&H, Fisher, Easton , Newberry ( was that Lance Cairns shoulderless bat?) , MRF , Puma, etc all came and some went .

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