Collingwood Pelican under investigation for gambling on Pies games

Young Collingwood forward Jaidyn Stephenson is currently under investigation for placing a bet on the footy, according to SEN’s Sam McClure.

Stephenson reportedly placed a bet on a Collingwood game earlier in the year, which, according to McClure, could see him miss the remainder of the 2019 season.

The AFL integrity unit are investigating a bet they believe he placed on a Collingwood game in recent weeks,” he told SEN Afternoons.

“Everyone is obviously being tight-lipped about this investigation. My understanding is the allegation is Jaidyn Stephenson placed a bet of under $50 on a game involving Collingwood.

“I don’t know the details of that bet, that will all come out as the investigation ensues, but it’s not good news for Stephenson because the last time this happened, it was then-Collingwood player Heath Shaw back in 2011.

“He and a mate had $10 each on Nick Maxwell kicking the first goal of the game when it’s alleged Heath had knowledge Nick was going to start forward.

“He was suspended for 14 weeks, six of those were suspended so he served eight weeks. He also had to pay a fine of $20,000.

“We have more education about this sort of stuff now, I think Jaidyn has clearly made a really silly error and I think he’s going to pay a really hefty price for it if it’s found to be true.

“That price could be us not seeing him again this year which would be awful for Collingwood.”

The Pies take on the Western Bulldogs on Sunday afternoon.


Seriously what a complete ■■■■■■■ idiot.


Another week, another Collingwood player doing something dumb.

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Is it really that bad betting on your own team to win?

Understand that they are not allowed to do it, but backing your own team to win actually seems pretty innocuous.
Heath Shaw case was different as he was betting on a specific scenario of which he had inside knowledge.

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If the game was a 50/50 bet and you were aware a superstar teammate was coming back from injury that might tip the result in your favour.

Agree its probably not a big deal but best to outlaw totally.

Well, yeah… Jaidyn would have plenty of insider knowledge too. Its textbook conflict of interest.

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And regardless, you still have inside knowledge of in’s and out’s which are not known outside the club, and would effect the odds if known.

And again, regardless, for all sorts of reasons it’s NOT FKN ALLOWED, and is known to be a heavily punished offence,… so you’d have to be a fkn imbecile or tripping on Acid to do so.


I’m so booing this prick next time he plays us


We all know Eddie and Gil are besties, so this will be another “nothing to see here” moment.


How dumb!

I always found it comical* when Heath was given a partially-suspended sentence. I know he’s a Shaw, but no one is dumb enough to do this a second time, regardless of whether the suspended bit is hanging over them.

*well, dodgy as. They wanted a big headline and then in fine text wrote “but you only have to serve half of it”.


More perfect timing from Gil to deflect the heat.



Which, outside of a sporting context, use of similar information would be considered insider trading and a criminal offence…

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How dumb is this idiot. Get your mother, father, sister, uncle etc to put the bets on you moron.


“Hi, welcome to the AFL. Here’s your locker, don’t bet on the AFL.”
“Sorry, what was that second bit?”


What the AFL cronies should do is set up there own betting agency and allow AFL players to bet there. Then they can deduct the gambling debts straight from their salary lol. :slight_smile:

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proper simpleton. sucked in.

How is it that Collingwood seem to constantly build a list full of grubs?


He seems like a decent kid. Collingwood seem to have issues with bad player behavior though.

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Gambling is bad mkay! Up next here’s Nathan Brown with the odds.