Collingwood Pelican under investigation for gambling on Pies games

That’s what maxwel did and got smashed for.


Would love this to be about the ANZAC Day game.

Then the conspiracy theories can really begin!


Huge if he gets 8wks+

Then just another ankle issue to DeGoey away from their fwd line falling in a heap

And yep @The_Ant have to agree.

If it’s from some weeks ago AFL just sitting on to release now whilst all this heat on them

It is nice however to have Hawks & Pies copping the flak instead of us.

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10 week ban will probably finish round 22, so he gets to play us in our do or die to make finals game. and hes still available for finals

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“I’m not going to make any comment on anything that may or may not be before the integrity department.” - Gill

What a moron. Hopefully this means we will never have to hear from this prick again.


Idiots, more like it. You know, the ones that sit in the back row during the AFLPA presentations giving each other bockers and nipple cripples sniggering and laughing. After all, they are 18-19 year old kids lucky to be drafted who did that at times during secondary school, or just completely zoned out when teachers got onto really boring stuff.

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I still LOVE the term “AFL Integrity Unit”.


You can’t have different rules or levels - bets a bet.
Mind you the amount of gambling ads and association to footy it’s not surprising.

Especially considering his pelican status.

Dumb, dumb kid. He’s young so I guess that’s sort of an excuse. I hope our kids are getting good guidance on these issues.
P.S. really enjoying this week - Hawks, Gil and now Collingwood bringing the game into disrepute.


Classic example of an oxymoron.

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The quintessential Oxymoron.

Funny how all these footballers bets are “for under $50”. Given their salaries, I can’t believe they risk their careers for a $100 payout. I call B.S.


What did Dean Wallis get?

I think 14 weeks?

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Just checked - 14 weeks for 3 bets and $7.5k fine

What have you got to say this time Eddie.


You pack of turkeys.

The AFL themselves leaked this to distract from the crowd over-policing thing and you are all totally falling for it.


Timing is certainly interesting but hey it’s not us for a change so enjoy.

I can abuse those flogs at the AFL for many things at once, thank you very much.

I do like the idea that the AFL “Integrity Unit” has a big backlog of scandals ready to release, though.


You can. The media can’t.

They’ve 100% done it deliberately. This issue has got some serious traction, and generated some serious anger at Gil particularly.

I guarantee over the next week or so they’ll strategically also leak that it was just a small bet and he’s just a kid and no harm done etc etc

And on and on and on it goes

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