Comedy Festival Doping Saga Show

There is a show on at this years Melbourne Comedy Festival on the Essendon Drugs Saga called Kit Richards Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?
See link to website below.

As a passionate bomber supporter I feel it is still too soon for me to be able to laugh at what the club went through (still hurting).
Would love to hear the views of anyone that happens to go to the show.
Is it a sympathetic view or does it sink the boot in?

my mates might drag me along to this. ones a Norf supporter and ones a Dees supporter. they will laugh robustly im sure

Comedy is just tragedy plus time, right?


Yes, … enough time … :thinking:


She’s definitely a Don for starters…

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I reckon it’s going to have a… losing score



Not sure I’ll go. I’ll think I’ll play it by ear.

I know Essendon fans that have very different views to mine regarding the saga.

It is highly unlikely to be enjoyable for those of us that really took it to heart.

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Not sure about this review…

‘Intentionally hilarious.’ The Age

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Hold up. This show takes the ■■■■ out of Essendon and not the authorities that screwed them over?

If so, stick your musical up your ■■■■.


I wonder if Hird and the 34 will find it hilarious?

How do you know she is a Don supporter?

A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical? is a (slightly) biased look at what it means to be a die hard fan when your heroes fall from grace.

By the sounds of that, … I think many of us might really fking enjoy it. :smirk:


I think I would get really angry going to this. Still too raw for me to find any of it funny.


Everything has two sides or sometimes more. I think taking the ■■■■ out sometimes allows people to tone down their prejudices with humour.

I watched a show about people with disabilities, all with disabilities taking the ■■■■ out of themselves and each other. At first the audience were embarrassed and didn’t know whether to laugh or not. Then it was suggested by the people on the stage who gave their permission and said it was o.k. for everyone to laugh and see the other side of living and playing with a disability. They were very funny.

Once the audience got over their discomfort and political correctness, they recognised the absolute brilliance of this comedy of errors. Particularly, people with cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s doing an yoga and exercise program together. Self acceptance is liberating. Honestly it was hilarious.
BTW I have disabilities and I really could see the funny side of the show and later, I went up and congratulated everyone all on the show and their courage for going public. They really took the sting out of something which can be really difficult for some people to acknowledge. Sometimes humour can get to the heart of something quicker than facts and figures.


She’s wearing a Bombers jumper :roll_eyes:

I hope in true pantomime style SWCNBN is portrayed as an evil witch with nasty music


Sit tight, be confident.

You might yet have the last laugh.

We got to all have a laugh together last year. a Fark Carlton supporting girl at the comedy festival last year did a show about how crap they were. it was pretty decent.


I posted this in the Saga thread a while back - glad it’s surfaced again because I didn’t get much response. This could be really really good or really really bad, I don’t see much middle ground.

Dark humour can be a great survival mechanism during difficult times. Someone needs to go to this and see what she’s doing then report back to BB. I’m happy to be a guinea pig - anyone want to join me? You can PM me if you like, or just respond here.

I’m very willing to be open minded, and I love supporting comedy acts (I usually go to 4 or 5 shows each year) but I will walk out if she ■■■■■■ me off too much. I’m actually quite hopeful that this will be cathartic, even amazing.

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Yeah no thanks. We have been the butt of enough jokes for 7 or so years.