I’m just starting to get into them, mostly via the glut of super hero movies lately.

What are your favourites - I’ve been a bat man, so to speak, for many years. I even have the signal tattooed on my shoulder blade.

I’m totally freaked out by the Batman Who Laughs at present. Check it out, it’s freaky as…

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I read V for Vendetta online.
It was quite good.
I barely read any.
A couple back in the early nineties that I’ve completely forgotten.

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looove Asterix

‘You want my boomerang on your ■■■■?!’
‘Aged relative!’

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The Watchmen & The Dark Knight Returns both live up to their reputation. Heartily recommend getting the trade paperbacks of both.
Hush is really good.
The Alan Moore Swamp Thing stuff is cool.
If you’re looking for something weird there was a recent run of Transformers vs GI Joe which is truly mindbending. Dr Mindbending if you will.


Let’s see…

Current value = US$11,000

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Judge Dredd was always fun. The movies were trash tho.

Never liked any others.

Logan/Wolverine comics were my go to when I was a kid.

Deadpool too.

This just feels like all kinds off fkd up. Seven issues of distressing bat stuff;

Read these:

East of West
Rat Queens
Sex Criminals
The Wicked + The Divine
Andre the Giant

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I remember reading a lot of classic novels in comic form when i was a kid. Probably call them graphic novels these days.

There are a few Asterix movies with Gerard Depardieu on SBS On Demand at the moment.

The Phantom. I used to develop alternative lines about Nadia and her relatuoinshop with the giant Nubian servant Lothar,who seemed far more appealing than the Phantom.


Grew up on Marvel Comics. Start my run of FF from issue 2. Do have X-men from 1 but my favourite growing up was Barry Windsor Smith’s Conan. I’m obsessed with his art. All up, I’ve got over a 1000 comics of varying titles from different publications


Forgot some other good comics that are worth reading:

The Sandman
The Manhattan Projects
Southern B*stards

Does Viz count? Sid the Sexist, Buster Gonad, Roger Mellie, Biffa Bacon, Millie Tant


The VIZ needs it’s own thread

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And how dare you overlook san and tray

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Roger Irrelevant, Billy the Fish, Big Vern, Raffles the Gentleman Thug, and of course, The Fat Slags

I still get daily downloads from Roger’s Profanisaurus…available as an app


Comic strip - Calvin & Hobbes

I’ve got all the books and the full collection.