Commemorative book update - Flight Plan donors

greetings all!


an update - the Commemorative Book, which was due for completion this year, will now be finalised during 2015. 


From the club:


We have been working on the commemorative book to celebrate our move to the new high performance training facility – the True Value Solar Centre. As a generous donor to our club we have a book reserved for you. 
We had aimed to have this book finished during the 2014 season, but it is still being worked on. Our historian has finished the text and imaging, but it's still with our media team to finalise the graphic design, layout and printing. Our media team has had a challenging few months with all of the ASADA issues, our preseason and the work that involves, and the recently finished Bomber mag. Sorry for this delay but our priority is to ensure it's a great book that everyone is proud to own.  
Thanks for your patience and we look forward to finalising this book in 2015 and organising your copy.
Once the book has been received, it will randomly go to one of the Blitzers in the Blitz Flight Plan donation group.
For those interested, the Honour Wall has been updated on the Club Site - you can view it here:

They’ve spelt my name wrong.


They also just put my name when I donated under both Bugmans and I surname

Oh dear.

Of course people will be. That’s 3 errors already.

my name isn't there but apparently my fathers is??? Pretty sure I donated back in 2013. I did it via Blitz, that's for sure!

I’m also a no-show.

I exist, therefore I exist.

I found my name, and seven lost relatives.

They really are no good at spreadsheets.


I'm not there.

Mind you, can't remember if I donated or not.

I'm on there twice, I'm pretty sure I only donated once.

He said what now?

I'm on and proud. Does this get displayed somewhere in the TVSC ?

Did you have to donate a certain amount to get on the wall?

So I'm basically a celebrity now.

I'm on there twice, I'm pretty sure I only donated once.

Such is my wish for anonymity, I donated under your name.

yeh on there :slight_smile:

Thought it would take years to find my name, then i realized it was alphabetical.

How embarrasing. Cool to see my name there though

They missed me as usual but im not really fussed, the old man and brother are there.