Meat, meat, meat, smoked meat, grilled meat, baked meat, more meat - I think we need a non-meat cooking thread.


Or you could post something vegetarian yourself? There were some people doing that (@GRR i think) and posters were very positive.

Although the amateur BBQ pit-masters seem just a bit more obsessive/fanatical about it all.


There’s nothing fanatical about watching 3hrs of pitmaster YouTube clips in one sitting…is there?


Most sex tapes have less flesh closeups than this thread. Perhaps just have this thread for BBQs etc. And start another thread for other stuff.


Noooooo of course not.

Can I ask one question, was it in the middle of the night?


Hahaha, nah it wasn’t…but Mrs. K was at work. :wink:


Or maybe you could start a vego one.


Cows eat grass…surely that’s enough greens in the diet?


Hasn’t seemed to bother anyone else, yes there are lot of BBQ items, but going back through the thread there has been pasta, seafood, bread making & vegie dishes.

Carnivores & herbivores getting along in harmony. Why can’t we all just be friends? :wink:

Edit - See Boots post, if it is honestly effecting you seeing all that tender, juicy, cooked, BBQ, animal flesh.


Where’s the kale?
I don’t see any kale!


yeah kfc only goes for the deep fried stuff.


Righto, just me then…ahem!..carry on.


He didn’t train today?


That was not kale day.

Still not sure which day is kale day. Also not sure which dj thread has said kale recipe. If you get the time pm it so I don’t lose it…and have no excuses.


As one of the bbq ‘amateurs’ (FFS) cooked up some eggplant Parmagiana last night.

Suck a simple dish, tastes great, even as leftovers.


Current DJ thread - around post 3,500.


that’s the halal pork discussion where Klawdy gets to share a Kale Salad and a glass of red with Sheeds. I don’t recall a recipe for said salad.


Found and screen shot taken. Thanks JR.


Mmmmm meat… pork shoulder with sweet bourbon rub. See you in about 6 hrs.