Done well (not well done) it’s an amazing dish, would be my favourite alongside a good Parma (No ham).

is it even a parma then? you heathen


I was going to give this post a like until I saw the words in brackets.

Ham on a parmagiana is terrible.

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youre just eating a schnitzel with sauce, grow up

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I used to think you were cool.

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This should be a poll!!!

Eggplant is the real parma.

With or without ham?


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Recipetineats bolognese is really good(like all her recipes).

She adds beef boullion stock and a touch of sugar as part of making a sauce

I like ya THT, but go stand in the naughty corner for 15 mins.

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I believe the ‘Parma’ in Parmigiana refers to Parmesan cheese, not to Parma ham, if that’s what you’re referring to.

A lot of Italians claim the name comes from palmigiana, which is a window shutter. The layers in the eggplant dish look like shutters apparently. The dish is from the south where Parmesan cheese isn’t as common.

Adam Liaws coconut prawn noodle soup


850g ribeye reverse seared and then basted/cooked with ghee.


I made Nagi’s new lamb tagine recipe tonight. One of the best things I’ve made I reckon. Bloody delicious. I’m keeping the leftovers for myself.


I saw that one and hit the heart button. It’s to be tried very soon. My only hesitation is that I like a reasonable vegetable proportion in a dish like that. I might drop in a tin of chickpeas.

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That’s what I thought too and why I made that side dish. I think anything other than chickpeas would melt in there.

Make it ASAP.

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What is the side dish? I see pumpkin, chick peas and couscous. Red onion garnish. Brown onion cooked?