COVID-19 Round 15 - welcome to Punxsutawney!

Opportunity missed by the mods to name this thread Happy New Tier.

I’ll get me coat.


A bit of both. Earliest available was 25th, and it was for a place a bit further out. Flemington was booked out indefinitely, unless it was an error.

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The daily tier line update was a lot of work for one tired Koala. There was all that pressure to come up with new, clever lines.


Title suggestion

Delta Dawn - living with The Gladys Plague

I probably like ‘delta blues’ as suggested above better!

Sitting waiting to be vaccinated and the guy just told me they have 5% no shows a day.
So around 150-200 wasted injections.

It’s great to see people in pretty solid numbers lining up for AZ where not eligible for Pfizer.

What a lost opportunity (in hindsight but you had to be blind not to see it coming) that we hadn’t focussed on even younger people with what Pfizer we had and not spooked/disallowed so many people off AZ, who are now getting AZ anyway…

Still staggers me the ATAGI advice was based on individual risk and didn’t consider cumulative risk from transmission.

Son is 18, he will be getting AZ shortly - months of coverage wasted right there…


If they’re not factoring that into their preparation of injections or bookings, then they’re stupid.

They are drawing up 6 at a time now to try and reduce the wastage.

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ABC reporting that death of 40yo at home is the one being investigated by the Coroner

The ATAGI did the job that they were asked to do advise on the personal risk/benefit trade off on a narrow basis at the time. Even at that time, the discussion on this forum went through the broader issues that resulted as a result of that - failure to consider the overall public health and economic risk of a potential major outbreak/new strains (Delta was already causing havoc in India then).

But considering these things is out of the ATAGI’s brief. And we can’t blame the members of the ATAGI for that - they did what they were asked to do. But the overall process was deeply flawed from a whole of government perspective and the result of the ATAGI advice was both devastating given the effective anti vax campaign that the media was running at the time, and the official hurdles that for many months preventing people willing to take AZ from having it.

And we are now paying for that.

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I thought NSW own Lock Less Monster was pretty good… :frowning:

You work for an afternoon, have a blinder of a connection re thread title, come back and everything’s been ripped away from you. Will this ever end, woe is me. Anyway, can’t believe I missed this, maybe for the black skivvy thread -

Lara Von Tier’s “Epidemic”

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Where? And do they hand them out if people show up near closing?

Yep agree - not their fault but it was a crap brief.

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AZ or Pfizer?

At Exhibition buildings.

I said is there a standby list. They said no.

Then they said they throw out the doses as they expire.

The afternoon is slower because they try and draw out as they need which come in 6 shot packs.

Meanwhile my Mum has to wait until October for her first jab

I have a family member in a similar situation. They are taking a drug to deal with a medical problem and the dose has to get below a certain level before they get the all clear to take the COVID vax. They are hanging out for it, seeing what is going on now.

We will always need to accommodate these legitimate cases in our vax requirements, at a state level, travel and what corporate can demand of employees or who they can serve.

Given that, I still support, in the general case, strong vaccination measures.

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1-5% wastage is to be expected I guess. Appointments have to be cancelled sometimes.

Did you know???
“Punxsutawney” derives from a Native name in Unami (a Lenape language): Punkwsutènay, which translates to “town of the sandflies” or "town of the mosquitoes"

Does that mean the thread title really means Welcome to Loch Sport?


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