COVID-19 Round 16 - A Percentage of Lies

The V line trip is listed as tier 2, so assumed it would be a close contact of the case at the hairdresser ( listed as tier 1)
Wonder what movie was shown at the Capitol that day, and if it attracted any PF layabouts .

And the greatest number of said deaths are in NSW.

That state is cooked.

EDIT: dunno if that number was just made up, given it implies an average lifespan of ~150 years.

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Be good to know, they were only there for 40mins, walked out halfway through.

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I haven’t been there since The Dry and i think that was December.

Two old ducks were reminiscing about the priest in the funeral scene early on. Apparently he was their priest in one of the Warrnambool parishes many moons back. I had to point out I’d only been in the south-west 5 years, 40 years after I’d stopped going to church.

Nice. They’ll take the GF and then ■■■■ us all off after it’s over and done with

For the year 2019, prior to covid. Deaths in Australia, Age at death - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

And the average life expectancy is a tad under 150

So Australia will not recognize Chine vaccines , while China fails to recognize non Chinese vaccines.

What a strange world

I have not worked out the fun demographics that means 1 in 150 Australian die each year despite the average lifespan being roughly half that years-wise.

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Our future.

Surely the simplest minds still believe that 80% of 16+ is going to set us free?

Singapore tightens COVID-19 rules despite 80 per cent vaccination rate

By Philip J. Heijmans

September 24, 2021 — 9.54pm

Singapore: Singapore made work-from-home the default and tightened rules to allow a maximum of two people to meet in restaurants or other social settings, as it seeks to rein in mostly mild cases that could otherwise quadruple in two weeks and overburden hospitals.

Primary school students will have to shift to learning from home, while booster shots get extended beyond seniors to a younger age group, the government said on Friday.

The moves, which take effect from September 27 for about a month, appear to shift away from the country’s stated transition toward living with the virus. About 80 per cent of the Singapore’s population is fully vaccinated.

With health officials expecting daily cases to jump to around 6000 from about 1500 currently, the government wants to curb that increase and avoid a hard lockdown. This resolve may soon get severely tested even though four in five people are already vaccinated in Singapore.

“This was a very difficult decision for us as we know that this would affect many businesses and people,” said Trade Minister Gan Kim Yong, one of co-chairs of virus taskforce.

“While doing so may not reduce the number of daily new infections immediately, it will allow us to slow down the speed of increase and avoid overtaxing our healthcare workers.”

Singapore, until now, has allowed up to five fully vaccinated patrons to dine together at restaurants and up to two at food centres and coffee shops regardless of vaccination status. Workplace restrictions were initially getting loosened with up to half of employees allowed to return to offices.

Even though the total number of patients in intensive care remains low at 23, the jump in mild infections has begun to stir anxiety in Singapore. Residents are airing grievances over not being able to reach the health ministry quickly to discuss their concerns and fretted over the long lag between testing positive for COVID-19 and getting sent to a recovery facility.

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I could be wrong, but my assumption is that it mainly implies a growing population. Possibly also, we lose Aussies to other countries where they retire and live out their life, and we import more “new Aussies” from other countries. Generally speaking, we probably bring in mostly younger, qualified people.

And another one, similar to one above. Australians love to travel, and a lot of places they love to travel to are less safe than Australia. Perhaps a portion die while travelling, before they are able to return?

Singapore is an interesting case - They went through +60,000 cases when unvaccinated with a staggering death total of less than 50 - No country in this world has achieved such figures -
They now have high vaccination rates, along with increased infection rates, however, their rates of serious illness and death are still extremely low, compared to other highly vaccinated countries which have opened up.

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Maybe different standards of opening up.

I believe they have a much more strict definition of “death from covid”. Many other countries (including Australia) include “death with covid” in their covid death count.

Maybe they had a similar virus in the past that gave them partial protection. Something similar to this is believed to have protected the older generation during the Spanish flue.

The joy of stats.

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