COVID-19 Round 16 - A Percentage of Lies

Continuing the discussion from COVID-19 Round 15 - welcome to Punxsutawney! - #10129 by saladin.

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and it continues


Gladys : you have to live with Covid.

Sorry Gladys, we have all learn to live with delta, and but we don’t have to learn to live with your out of control delta. Sorry but no we don’t

What Gladys is saying now is fair. At 70% and 80% we have committed to more freedoms. However, that all depends on hospitals not being overloaded.


Hazzard lets cat out of bag
Feds asked States to use their own legislation to mandate vax by some staff, as alternative to Feds exercising its own powers under Biosecurity Act
A few backhanders to the Feds
Gladys thinks will hit targets mid October for 70% double dose

  • but would that take into account Kerry’s concerns about equity and uniformity in the State.?

Gladys banging on about NSW opportunities for international travel

  • asks journo to please not scream at her, same journo asks if she is still allowed to ask a Q.
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Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 11.31.23 am

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That’s a new take on “Please state the nature of the medical emergency”

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Gladys says only hospital and fax vax numbers matter. “That is it.”

It’s her version of “transparent advice”.

“At least in NSW they told us what to expect.”

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Gladys still pretending NSW is the highest density population.

Also pretending that 70 percent of over 18 yo equals “vast majority of people vaccinated”

And now pretending that NSW just tell it like it is, lmfao.


Gladys is seriously giving Pinocchio a run for his money.


this infighting between state and federal liberal would be so fascinating, if it didn’t mean the country was ■■■■■■.

take it to the trade thread


She then refuses to answer a question about what the modelling is saying about the number of hospital admissions in October.


Lol,. We don’t know what it will look like in October but what we do know is that in October…


She might literally have to run away if the vaccination numbers don’t have any impact on the cases and death by the time her “magical” 70% is reached

Great thread title. Works on many levels.

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Vaccination is already having an impact on cases and death now… which ought to frame for you how bad this might’ve otherwise been and what’s still likely to happen. Indeed, was modelled to happen.

I thought only Vic contact tracers still used fax’s. I thought we’d uncovered a conspiracy.

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