COVID-19 Round 17 - get vaxed, get waxed, get ready to climax

Geez, I know blitz is a broad church, but we had a billionaire amongst us and didn’t even know it.

Swanning around in their private jet, living the high life.

Our very own Mr Burns.


@Kj_11 yoi just gotta switch off your ad blocker, and anyone can be a gazillionaire


So vaccinations will start to impact on Victorian case numbers like they did in NSW, right?


Well, there is that I suppose…

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Good luck! Will you have to quarantine for 14 days? Or do you just need the negative test?

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Need to change your name to Rolex.


Thanks mate and @Hoffy. Just the negative. But there’s about 23 people that got the 14 day stint. The company has the testing fast tracked so should get results mid arvo. Just in time for beer o’clock! Go Dees!





Wonderful. Just got this message.

One of the few times I’ve actually checked in at Southern Cross Station as I usually make a dash across the platform to get my other train, so don’t bother the check in on at the platform as I don’t have time.


That sucks.

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Good luck to you too kind sir. :tired_face:


It will be interesting to see how the US goes with boosters for vulnerable populations only. If they can hold off general boosters for 6 months, get their vax rates up, pump 2b doses into Africa and central Asia, perhaps things will be ok.

If the data supports it, we should do boosters to those who will clearly benefit from it. From a moral point of view we should be doing a big multiple of that of donations to our patch of the woods at the same time. SE Asia and the Pacific. PNG’s vax rate is currently terrible.

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Agreed. I just hope that we don’t put ourselves in a position where we’re spending too much of our focus on ourselves when we should have the capacity to help others.

I was born in PNG. I’d love to see us do whatever we can for them. There are some huge challenges to distributing vaccines there which are way beyond supply issues.

3 hrs? Special delivery!!

The transcript of Frewen presser of 24 Sepember is now up on the Health site. Go to news in the menu

As usual, he delivers the facts as they are without embellishment ( maybe a little spin without disguising the truth) . As Andrews said to journos, if you want the facts and figures, talk to the General)

  • this after the quotes from a political hymn sheet.

Frewen explains Pfizer and Moderna supply and distribution, including the special Moderna to Vic State hubs.
On Pfizer, he said Pfizer normally confirms monthly allocations on a week by week basis. Last week it advised that it was only able to supply the first two weeks because of global distribution management issues. The shortfall would be made up later .

  • relevant to comments about uncertainty of future Pfizer supply ( including timing between doses)

On Moderna he said that where there was under ordering by pharmacies, State hubs could be supplied on request. It was up to each jurisdiction to decide the age groups that could be jabbed with Moderna at State hubs

Cases rising in the UK, but hospitalisation numbers falling, it seems to be due to it spreading mostly through the 12-15 year olds who are at low risk comparatively.

Special Ausmat teams including ADF were deployed in vax distribution and delivery in PNG, Timor Leste and Fiji - in addition to vax donations
Some PNG Covid patients have been evacuated to hospitals in Queensland.
Queensland, which has a strong Torres Strait self interest in PNG health issues, does not often get recognition for the in State assistance to PNG health ( in coordination with the Feds)

Imagine if we did 150,000 tests like NSW did. Might already be over 1000 cases


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