Cricket Part II

Test two vs India is on tomorrow.

Yep, better move my last post:

2 days (okay, one for you lot) to the next test and I’m assuming no changes to a winning team. Which means more groaning about MMarsh.

I still expect us to get beaten well even after the last match, different pitch expected of course. But if we do win this one, it’ll be huge for Australian cricket :cricket:

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Yay! Test Cricket!

Um…I kind of feel bad for wasting posts if we have to reset every 10,000…

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I’m going to bet Rolo finds a way to remove that, … I mean, you must be able to, … right?

Kumble still refuses to acknowledge we played well and adjusted to the conditions far better than they did. Nah he just says they were off and Aussies got lucky. Wanker.

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Note bare patches on a length for left handers - at both ends.

Now I’m not suggesting anything, but which side has lots of left handers at the top of the order and which side doesn’t …


Who Cares.

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■■■■ Krumble

Ps how does one quote?

Sounds tasty … NOT!!

Then again … with, or without apple??

(That’s seriously not someones name, … Is it? )

How good is this next game likely to be? I’m under an hour’s flight from Bangalore atm. Also note: I hate cricket but will watch any sport live.

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You don’t know who Anil Kumble is? Or just can’t make the connection?

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Go for it mate. Will you ever get the chance to say “I saw Oz play in India” again?

Regardless of result, … opportunity knocks for thee …


Extremely very very good. I’d love to be there

Lost all respect for Anil Kimble due to his actions during “monkeygate”. Part of the Indian hierarchy that threaten to quit the tour unless Harbajhan Singh’s original 3 match ban. Then had the freaking audacity to have a sook to the media and claim only his team was playing in the spirit of the game.


Tendulkar, in the same breath. He clearly heard what Harbhajan said, and then denied it.


Tendulkar lost a lot of respect with his actions on that occasion

So India are batting. Super fast outfield.

Absolutely plumb

Was waiting for them to review it to be honest.

They do love to cheer at nothing.