Cricket Part II

Good stuff Lyon

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Starc getting grubbers to balls bowled short of a length. Another horrid pitch.

Here we go.

Lyon gets him! Nice one!

How pathetic was that review. Surely his partner said “plumb” or don’t they have a word for that in Hindu?

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Even he knew it was pathetic, he walked to the boundary while waiting for the verdict.

Wade lucky there, should have been a regulation stumping. Lyon bowling welll.

Don’t give Wade that!
Call it run out!

Can’t be a run out because the batsman didn’t set off for a run

I’m not sure i agree with your definition, but I wasn’t actually serious anyway.

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6 / 171

Lyon with another.

But Wade is shitt though … right?

2 stumpings this innings … a couple in the last match … but still shitt …

I’ve watched no more than 15 minutes of the cricket and managed to see 5/6 wickets live. I should keeping watching.


I think India has nearly done enough to win this Test.
And the pitch is a disgrace.
I can’t even be having with, ‘it’s the conditions on the subcontinent!’
The rest of the ground looks like the Gabba after a a nice soaking rain.


This wicket is actually worse than the first test wicket.
It’s criminal they keep serving this rubbish up for their test matches.


8 / 188

And 7 for Lyon.

9 / 189

8 fa!

All out 189

Renshaw, nice catch.
One to go, might get a nice block of overs to get started with.

And another for Lyon… good work mate.

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