Cricket Part II


The selectors and coach don’t see him as a top 5 bat though at International level. If he comes in he would probably bat at 6 or perhaps 5 at best.
He will get a chance, there have been and still are a lot better players in the comp than him that didn’t get a fair go. No more Shield games until February so he won’t get another chance to put his case forward


And he has just peeled off his 2nd First Class 100?

But he has played 20 odd Test matches as a batting all rounder!!!

How the ■■■■ does someone get selected as a batting all rounder when they have scored 1 ■■■■■■■ first class hundred??


“Now that he’s back bowling, he’s always going to be pretty close to the mark of playing for Australia. He’s a medium pace allrounder and I’m an off-spinning allrounder; going to the WACA you probably don’t need that extra spinning option and you can completely understand why (selectors) would have gone that way. “All I can do is wish him well, he’s a very good mate of mine. We’ve played in a lot of teams together and shared in a lot of success together. Hopefully he and his brother can go really well.”


Mark Waugh was a high-class batsman. (He also drank beer, smoked nicotine and bowled a bit.) I wouldn’t compare him with Marsh Minor.


Was more comparing him with Maxwell.


I see. All the same, Maxwell is hardly the batsman M.Waugh was, either. I don’t know about Maxwell’s beer and ciggy consumption, but his bowling is perhaps on a par with M.Waugh’s as far as effectivity goes.

They won’t select Maxwell for two reasons:

  1. He opened his mouth and had a go at them; and
  2. He’s not a son of Swampy Marsh.


Both great fielders, that’s for sure!


All this talk about the Aussies going too far in their sledging of Bairstow. Any idea what it is about. Couldnt be the headbutt surely


It’s debatable whether or not it was even a headbutt.

(That probably answers your question)


Bairstow has spoken about that today. First there was no headbutt, we all knew that though, the Aussies said as much, second, he said the claims being made about the Aussies going too far are wrong.

Not like the English media to make a beat up about the Aussies that is wrong. No reason they would do that at all: 2-0.


Anything guys like Prior and Swann say about sledging should be taken with so much salt that your blood pressure will spike, your arteries will harden like concrete and you’ll die in seconds.

From what some English players have said, the sledging they themselves get from the likes of Anderson and Broad is worse than what Johnson, Warner etc would hand out. Heaven help you if you misfield or drop a catch off them. Nothing if they do the same.

One of the Australian commentators on the ABC, probably Rogers or Nannes, was talking about a Notts game where a Notts player of Indian ancestry misfielded, and the level of sustained personal abuse he got from his own bowlers (I think Broad and Ryan Sidebottom) was mind-boggling.

That was one of the things I had against MacGill. Back in the days when Optus broadcast Shield games, MacGill bowled a half-tracker and it was smashed through point. Nash, I think (Don Nash?) dived full length and got one hand to it and dropped it. Copped an absolute mouthful from MacGill for his trouble. Just not done! If you drop a plum pudding through slackness or squibbing it, fair enough, but not if you’ve bowled utter tripe.



They will give him another chance - in India or SL when we’re down in the series and bat him at either 8 or 2.


Dion Nash? I thought he was a QLDer, and i think i remember some connection with the Windies?
(ie when they really hit the skids in the 2000s/10s they started digging through FC cricketers who had even the slightest family connection)

EDIT: that’s Brendan Nash, Dion was a Kiwi quick.



Right. Neeeever heard of him.


England 4-118 v CAXI

They’ve rested their test players except for Ali who went out for 24.


“Duckett, who was convicted of drink-driving in 2015, poured a drink over the head of a senior Test player following a heated argument at a Perth bar. Early reports suggested he was rowing with Jimmy Anderson.”


The most impressive thing here is getting that drunk before Perth closing time at 9pm.


It’s important you work fast when you are restricted by a curfew.


Reminiscent of the six o’clock swill back before about 1970…probably a bit earlier.

Pubs shut at 6, Young and Jackson’s packed, blokes vomiting as they crossed FlindersSt.