Cricket Part II


yep - England only fell short by 15 runs to avoid the follow on. A few more runs and there would have been no decision to make. Australia has to bat again and the rest could have played out the same.


And if Woakes and Overton can put on 60+, then their openers could have put on a hundred. And then where would we have been?
In a much dicier position than we actually ended up being, that’s for sure.


Stokes named in England’s ODI squad, opens the door for him to play in Perth IMO


Selectors dipping their toes in the water to see how the media and public react.


Mitchell Marsh - predictable AF

Almost as predictable as Shaun not making another half century this series. In fact going on his history he should be raising his bat if he gets to 25. Yes I’m still a knocker, there is a reason he’s maligned and it’s his lack of consistency.

We’re lucky the english batting is worse than ours this series because that’s the difference


Which is fine.
Unless you realise Maxwell has hit about 100 more runs in the same period, and taken about the same number of wickets.

I’ll bet folding money mitch Marsh doesn’t bowl more than 8 overs in any innings. I get the want for a bit more bowling, but whenever MMarsh plays, he bowls a couple of change-of-end spells. Just the same as Maxwell.

2 FC centuries. He’s been in FC cricket for 6-7 years now. some guys have to make 1500 a year for 3-4 years to get looked at - C Rogers, Voges, Hodge to name a few - others get in based on 2 measly centuries. How do we expect Sheild cricketers to know where they stand?


But, he has finally matured! 2 centuries in shield cricket!


2 in FC cricket - one was in County about 2 or 3 seasons ago.


Except his batting average in first class cricket is in the low 30’s.


Different players it depends what the team needs or wants. If you are picking a guy as a batsman only then Maxwell is it, if you are picking a guy to bat and bowl a few overs of spin then Maxwell again is it but if you are picking a guy to bat middle order and bowl 10-20 overs of mediums and push up into the Fremantle doctor then someone like Marsh, Stoinis or Henriques is the man. The alternative is to push everyone up a spot and bring an extra bowler in as Cummins is a better all rounder than Marsh IMO


Maxwell’s form in the past few weeks has been outstanding, but there is no way he can currently be ranked as the 6th best batsmen in Oz; and he’s not an all-rounder at test level.


If he bowls 20 overs it’s because we’ve bowled 200 in the innings, and we’re losing anyway. I just don’t think he makes the bowlijg any stronger and he definitely weakens the batting if he’s in at 6.

The game’s the same length, the sessions are same, still 2x10 wickets to get. Don’t get it.


Details, details. The important thing is that the selectors are going to show they were right all along in selecting him relentlessly last time.


That’d be pretty good for a number 8. Who is a real wicket taking threat. Do,we have anyone else who can do that? Not sure…


Agree. We have three high quality seamers and a high quality offie. We really just need someone who is a decent part timer who can jam up an end and give the pace attack a breather like Mark Waugh used to do. I dunno if that’s Glen Maxwell exactly but give the guy a chance.


I’d pick him over Handscomb and Khawaja on current form. Realistically we have 2 world class bats, then there’s about a dozen guys on the borderline of test level - everyone from SMarsh to renshaw.

And no, he’s not a real all rounder, he’s a useful change bowler. We don’t have a full blown all rounder: Marsh can’t bat higher than 7 in Tests, the others are all bats who bowl a little.

My question is, do we need 15 overs out of our number 6? Or a couple of 3-5 over change/freshen up spells?


Has been served the ultimate ■■■■ sandwich. Played in just about every position in the order - opening, 3, 5, 7, 8 - in the typical ■■■■■■■■■■■ India/subcontinental touring sides. Doesn’t get a look in at home, no matter what form he’s in.


WACA will be flat as a tack and wouldn’t be surprised if the bowlers spend a fair bit of time out on the field


I don’t mind your idea of picking an extra bowler. Both Cummins and Starc are handy with the bat. I’d like our keeper to be a bit better bat though


Its a bit crazy. Select the guy who is pigeon holed as a loose cannon to do a job in India in place of Usman. He largely succeeds by knuckling down and getting all of the silly ■■■■ out of his game and then gets nada at home if he gets another tonne before Boxing Day he’s it’ll be quite tragic if he doesn’t play.