Cricket Part II


interesting cos it sets up a dangerous precedent now, that anytime someone deviates off their original path, one could argue they are obstructing the field.

IMO there’s been worse examples of it having happened worse than that one, across all forms of the game.


Does T20 form automatically translate into One Day Cricket - I’d be holding my horses with regards to Short - Blood him in T20 cricket first.


How about just tell him to bat like it’s a T20. If he gets out at around the 19 over Mark like he keeps doing that translates well enough


That was an entertaining game! Hurricanes looked like they were going to blow it but Christian bowled a good last over. Darcy Short the difference between the two teams with special mention to Jofra Archer.


McCullum spewing about the ‘obstruction’ decision. Don’t blame him.


It was a howler and a garbage rule. If the ball doesn’t hit you, how is it obstruction? He was clearly not trying to block the wickets. No common sense


It looked like the change of angle opened up the stumps more than anything. If he ran in a straight line he would have blocked the stumps more efficiently.


If he was to be an opener in the one dayers, you’d think that would be a viable option, tell him to assume it’s a 20 20 game, bat like it, if he gets out so be it, it might be worth the gamble.

don’t think it’d translate down the order though.

don’t think it’ll happen this summer, as finch and warner are the obvious picks, but if one needs a break or gets injured, i’d definately hope they get him in as opener and give it a crack.


Finch is not an obvious pick.



Spot on.


They changed that rule a couple of years ago.

You’re not allowed to change your line to get in the way.

I thought it was clearly and unequivocally out.

But two years ago, it was good running.


The ball did hit him?


But that’s the thing, I don’t think he did. If he had of held his line, he would have been more in the way.


Why the hell did he try to cross the pitch? Quickest way is to run straight.


Looks to me like he was trying to clear a possible line at the stumps for the fielder, so as not to be accused of obstructing.
Interesting rule change, and I hope that makes players aware of it because it would be a much bigger issue in a Test.

Out of interest, what is a batsman supposed to do if a fielder steps into (or refuses to move out of) his line?
Run through him?


Did it? I honestly missed that.


If the ball didn’t hit the stumps, would they still have appealed?


That or being hit by a ball that has been thrown at pace from 60m out.


Yeah. Hit him on the glove. Wade was standing in the right place to take the ball.