Cricket Part II


Livingstone will come in for Ali I reckon.

Wood for Curran

It will be last chance saloon for Vince. You can’t keep going out the same way again and again and keep your spot

Apart from Anderson( apart from the first innings in Adelaide was just amazing) and Overton none of our bowlers had any sort of effect


As for the run out, he is out. Once you cross the pitch you are out- those are the rules.

But bailey using the replay to appeal is dodgy AF


Just how many 120 - 130 kmh trundlers did The Poms bring out here? Seemed to be a new one trotted out for each test, all of them equally ineffectual (bar, arguably, Overton).
When will they work out that sub-130 park cricketers do not cut it on our non-swing pitches.
Surely someone in county cricket has some pace & ability about them? Or is that position always filled by the inexhaustable supply of West Indians and South Africans that their teams blow their dough on?


As stated before, appealing for run out is the same as appealing for obstruction. So your last statement is wrong.

An appeal to the umpires covers all modes of dismissal.


A whole 2 weeks! Don’t know how he survived!

As much as this thread criticises how much the cricket world has been affected by T20, my wordy lordy some of you have attention spans a goldfish would be ashamed of.


T20 side sure, but he’s been in and out of WA’s one day side, and generally doesn’t play Shield. You’d like him to bed down a little.


If I was on a computer I’d find the post and quote it.

Leading run scorer in Shield… out of form… idiocy.


Basically, it does — if it’s a straightout simple appeal — “How’s that ?” — without specifying. But there is also a specific appeal, which is not heard too often, for obvious reasons.

I suppose one example of this is when the ball balloons off a batsman’s pad and is caught by a fielder. The appeal, “How’s that ?” is turned down, and someone on the fielding side, assuming the umpire meant “Not out [caught]”, will ask “How’s that for LBW ?”

Maybe Bailey’s appeal for obstructing the field could fall into this category ?


Except Bailey appealed for the run out, the ump said no, he saw the replay then appealed for obstruction.


Why do Ballance even come to Australia? Surely he was worth a go at some stage given the issues at the top of the Snglish batting order. He must have been hitting them terribly in the nets to one not get a game and two get dropped from the NZ tour.

It will be interesting to see if this tour is a turning point for practice matches. Both Australia and England now recognise that you can’t be expected to perform at rest level after having a few nets and a warm up match against some kids. The big question will be if the players, their managers and unions allow this to happen. There is just so much international cricket played in a short period that you struggle to fit any first class fixtures in.


Yep, 5 innings, or, you know, about the same amount of time he has been in Bradmanesque form in the Shield. Or doesn’t it go both ways?

Speaking of ‘attention spans that goldfish would be ashamed of’ why don’t you tell us again why Maxwell should be in the ODI team ahead of Head and Stoinis.


The big problem is, in county cricket the pitches all suit medium pacers who can swing the ball. They aren’t made for spinners or fast ( sometimes erratic )bowlers.

So guys like Curran, Woakes etc- in English conditions they are very dangerous. On overseas wickets where it doesn’t swing they are treated with disdain.

A good 60 or 70 on swinging pitches in England can win you the game, overseas you need to have the patience to build a big innings.

Unfortunately it’s not going to change. We will continue to be very dangerous at home, but struggle badly when going overseas.

Anderson is experienced and wily enough to still be a threat or at the very least keep it tight overseas. The others not so much


It’s a strange one. He must have done something whilst on tour that didn’t please the selectors.


It’s a strange one. He must have done something whilst on tour that didn’t please the selectors.


Nothing in the rule says you cant cross the pitch. But you cant wilfully obstruct or distract the fielding side. So if you think he crossed the pitch to obstruct or distract then he was out. If you don’t, which l don’t on what l see, then not out.
But its definitely not a black or white, cross the pitch your out.


At times all of Stoneman, Vince and Malan showed signs of being decent Test players. I think Stoneman is the most limited in terms of ability, he is a grafter at best. He was pretty much cooked after he got hit in the head in Perth, and that would be a hard thing to overcome. Vince looked the most pleasing on the eye, played some lovely fluent cover drives, then he gets himself out. He has the talent, maybe not quite the application? Averaged 26 this series and about 22 overall in Tests, that has to be better. If he fails in NZ it might be a line through his name. Malan was the best of the bunch for me. Showed some grit and determination, averaged 40+, after a pretty ordinary start to his career he’s done the business. But like us, England have taken a punt on guys who have mediocre (at best) first-class records, and you just hope they have something in them to be able to perform in Test cricket.

As far as bowling goes, they have some issues. Michael Holding summed it up very well that England always take the conservative approach. They’ll always pick the bloke who is economical, goes at less than 3 an over, over the tearaway quick who might take you wickets but might leak runs. Steve Finn was a very sharp bowler early in his career, took wickets at a good rate but was expensive. Got dropped, came back a yard of pace slower and lost his wicket taking ability. He’s just another meh 130s bowler. Once he qualifies for England, Archer may be that real express bowler they need for out here…


“Selectors are understood to be considering a surprise replacement for the injured Chris Lynn in the ODI squad with suggestions they will ignore Glenn Maxwell and opt for Victorian team mate Cameron White.”



Good call re Finn, he had huge potential and was a wicketaker but the Pommy bowling coaches have destroyed him and is a shadow of what he should be