Cricket Part II


Similarly with what the Aust bowling coaches have done to James Pattinson. His injuries haven’t helped, but their “remodelling” of his technique absolutely muddled him. To the point where he abandoned it in the middle of a game last year, rediscovered his pace and took a rapid 5-for. Before promptly breaking down again…


He was in cracking form for Notts in the County Championship. Pretty sure he was averaging about 12 or 13 with the ball. Ridiculous numbers but he’s done again. I believe this latest surgery is make or break. If he does his back again he is finished. Only 27 as well. Shame as you put him there with Patty, Starc and Hazlewood, that is 4 high quality quicks.


White in for Lynn in the ODI team.
The ultimate backhander to Maxwell!



White’s form has been more consistent than Maxwell’s right? Anyone have the scores?


Then he is an idiot, you never avoid being hit while running down the pitch to make a quick single.


That’s easy to say when you haven’t got a cricket ball flying in your direction from 60 mtrs out.


I would have thought Maxwell is in better form with the bat and as a tool.


been there and done that

However he is a professional cricketer who does that sort of thing every time he bats (not the avoiding, the running for quick single) and does this for a living. He KNOWS to not do that because it can cost you your wicket.

Now that it has maybe he can grow a pair and run straight from now on.


His BBL thus far:


285 runs for twice dismissed, average 142.5

Matador Cup was top runscorer, 457 @ 76.16 with a strike rate of 99.

Shield 167 runs @ 83.5.

The Bear deserves the call-up!


It’s a split-second decision. It’s not about “growing a pair”, that’s a silly comment.


As I thought. he has looked better in the BBL games I have seen than Maxwell.


Doesn’t matter if it is split second, he chose to avoid being hit and it cost him his wicket. So grow a pair and get hit.

Better to be hit by the ball rather than the ball hitting the stumps.

btw I don’t think he should have been given out and i don’t think Bailey should have appealed.


Can’t argue with thise numbers! :bear:


He said he felt like he would make his ground, so it didn’t matter if the ball hit the stumps. Why get hit when you don’t need to?


Makes no sense if you’re looking to the future though.
Maxi might be put in the Hodge category.


If he had run straight the ball wouldn’t have hit him. But as he ran to the angle the ball ended up hitting him anyway.

It was a stupid decision to make.


Consistency & reliability is what they after. Maxwell not providing that at present. ‘Big show’ reverse sweeping first ball of innings type plays just because standing against him.

White has the temperament to knuckle down and build innnings as well as be destructive when needing to up run rate. Also fine fielder.

Clearly in top form also.


I like Maxwell, he has been a favourite since he started but unless he gets more consistent and makes better choices while batting then he won’t have a future.


Funny when Mark Waugh was discussing candidates on the commentary last night he threw Whites names into the mix. It stuck out then and clearly with reason.