Cricket Part II



Yeh fighting disrepute type clauses when you are guilty of something is near impossible and the small chance of victory is overwhelmed by the downside of having the governing body, media and public all against you.


It is true and from what I have heard some clubs in county are very interested in having Smith join them. Bancroft isn’t that good, Smith however was the best in the world.


Its not true because CA don’t have the authority to ban him from playing county cricket. So they CA aren’t letting him do anything. He may well get an interested county but it has nothing to do with CA.


the irony of the mindless sheep of australia, as posed on some facebook memes.

3 people convicted of ball tampering, get a years ban.

5 odd cops beating the living ■■■■ out of a disabled person, where’s the outrage, other than 5 mins on one news night ?

The disparity between reactions to something actually repugnant and effecting of everyday life just goes to show how ■■■■■■ this nation really is.


CA have sated that they will “not stand in the way” of him playing county cricket. They can ban him from doing so.


CA rules ( as published on its site) apply to Australian international test, BBL representation and interstate games ( Sheffield Shield) . They do not apply to grade cricket or domestic events in other countries, like county and IPL.


And yet they can block a player playing in IPL and CC and have done so in the past.

What their rules “may” state and what they do are two different issues to be looked at.


Ah… so their ‘rules’ are similar to AFL ‘rules’


Well the fact that they released a press release stating “they wouldn’t stand in the way” of him playing CC should tell all the armchair experts what they need to know about how CA operates. If they couldn’t block him, they would not have said that.


l am firmly opposed to bullying wherever and whenever it happens. Bullies have to be called on their behavior, it is unacceptable. An attitude of acceptance paves the way for thuggery, something l am glad the AFL has managed to stamp out.


I hope England don’t let him play county cricket, I don’t want him being given any advantage before the ashes


CA can’t ban someone from playing IPL. They do have to get a non objection certificate from CA. In the case of the IPL it has been reported that CA would be very reluctant to do so as action could be brought against them for restraint of trade, which they would be expected to lose. So whilst CA technically has means to restrict someone playing for anyone other than Australia they are not technically banned from any other domestic competitions.


Exactly! Why would they want to give him some quality gametime with the Ashes just around the corner? The counties need to look at the big picture here. There are so many benefits for him playing in England for the winter re. our 2019 campaign. I’d be livid if he got a gig if I were an England supporter.


Absolute FACT that they can’t block him and this is from someone pretty high up at SACA who knows the system. He said that if they did want to block a player they would just tell the player that “playing county could potentially threaten your chances of playing for the National side”.
CA are more than happy for him to play county though as he will be almost first picked for the Ashes and it comes across in the media very favourable that they are doing the “right thing” by Smith


By now though, you’d reckon all the counties would have their squads and their “salary caps” well set, and it might be too late to sign Smith. I suppose that since Somerset have dumped Bancroft, they might have a spot.


Hilton Cartwright signed with Middlesex a couple of days ago, so there may be a ‘window’ still open for Smith.

EDIT: And would the salary cap be an issue? I’d imagine that Smith wouldn’t be chasing the dollars, it’d be more about keeping his ‘eye’ in.


Yes, it’s not as if Smith would need the dough, and I don’t know if there’s a salary cap, and there’s probably always a spot for the best bat in the world, even if he’s not been proficient against the swinging ball.


I won’t disclose the amount but Travis Head’s contract with Worcestershire is eye watering enough without the “extras” he will receive


There is - £2 million