Cricket Part II


Beaten senseless by the crowd, the newspapers and the TV crews.

Just all-round gentlemanly conduct.


I can’t believe our team came off some great success, went to Very Western Australia, and got smashed.


Its not world championship wrestling, at the moment they just need to go head down bum up and work hard to gain respect. Giving batsman dirty looks or batting tips is not what we need right now


Although if Pat Cummins were to give our specialist batsmen some batting tips they could probably learn a thing or two





Just gained new respect for him


Should have appealed. Playing to the crowd just like CA did when they handed them down.
You have a legal right to appeal. Appealing is not a stain on your character. Its called natural justice.
The people talking most against him most likely dont actually go to the cricket anyway.


Now I’m waiting for CA to realise what they have done to our World Cup/Ashes preparation and allow Smith to play Shield cricket post BBL next year.


Technically it wouldn’t even be an appeal. My understanding was they had to right to a hearing following which a full and proper determination would be handed down. Only after this would an appeal have been needed.


Apparently they are allowing him to play County Cricket in the UK during his ban.


Im not sure thats true. He’s technically not banned from county cricket but neither is Bancroft and l think his county contract was cancelled by his county. So although he can play it is unsure if anyone would offer him a contract to do so.


That’s very honourable by Steve Smith

It’s still a stupid ban CA should be ashamed


Both Smith and Bancroft accepted and not going to appeal

Warner I can’t imagine is going to lay down on it. He loves a fight. It’s career ending really for him whereas the others much younger.


Say he appeals and gets reduced to say 3 months, you can guarantee that they just won’t pick him for 12 months


Seemingly, Warner is also attempting to inject some transparency in the decision, in regard to evidence from interviews ( not all players were interviewed).
What gets me is that Peever rang Turnbull from South Africa and Turnbull leapt into a media spray before there were any CA integrity investigations.


Very surprised at this. Fully expected the 12 month ban was for a warning shot/optics, and after empathy had been installed via contrition and the Media spin, and things had blown over, … an appeal would see them out for 3 months or so, … which everyone with any brains would have been fine with.

The only way it works now, is if the ICC or some other body appeals or intervenes on the sanctions.

Can they? :thinking:


Imagine if Warner appeals and get his ban reduced to something like 3 months or completely overturned, the media pundits congratulating Smith and Bancroft for taking it on the chin, will turn around and laugh at them for not exercising their rights to a full hearing/appeal.


Hannah Mouncey had an article about Dave Warner and him not being such a bad guy. Started off with a line about how Australians love to bully…which I thought was ironic given that is exactly the role Warner plays on the cricket field.


CA processes are outside ICC jurisdiction. The only ICC link is that the ICC is considering tougher penalties for ball tampering etc as a a consequence.
Bruce Francis is having a spray at CA on Twitlonger. Can be accessed if you google The Governor twitter.