Cricket Part II


Nine wanted it cheap, and when that didn’t happen they got the tennis as a plan B.


Beat me to it with that comment Robbo. 200% agree


James Sutherland?


You are right. Well fark them even more now.


Foxtel paying a lot of money for exclusive access to only ODI’s, int T20’s and 16 BBL games. Must be thinking the long game and that cricket will not be FTA protected in future.


They’ll also create a host of new shows to run through summer equivalent to AFL360 etc…I know they have some of them already, but this is their chance to really expand it. Plus they’ll be showing replays of test matches all through the night to fill space.


And then basilfy them.


I agree. They’ve had a real lack of local live sport in summer. In winter they have afl, nfl and super whatever number it is these days. But summer’s been a problem for them.



I don’t think i could handle hamish mclachlan hosting the cricket

Please 7 no


“You just get the feeling the next few overs are important, don’t you?”



Unless i get Poxtel there will be no more ODI’s for me to watch…booooooo


Looking forward to their MEGAWALL showing 4 things you can’t actually see, of which 3 are irrelevant.


I would be interested to see if CA have done any analysis to understand the impact on general cricket awareness as a result of Sky holding the rights in the UK. I understand that most games will be on free to air but there is a risk this will alienate some potential new fans as well as causing existing fans drop away.

However I see his very much like the existing AFL deal with 7 and Foxtel.


Foxtel will still have the rights for overseas tests aswell. I’d be happy if all sport was moved over to Foxtel, FTA sucks balls


Yeah but that’s because you have foxtel. Alot of people don’t and I reckon quite a few of them want it but cant afford it.

I have it so makes no difference for me, I’m just hoping their commentary team is good. You need a really good anchor/captain to keep them in line. You can get away with some “larrikin” for the T20 maybe (certainly with football if you can find a balance) but you really need someone who will let the play do the talking and offer valuable insight for test matches. None of the guys on 9 tell us anything that we don’t know whereas prior, you had Lawry and Ritchie who had so much knowledge to spare. Sure, Ritchie would give the odd boring story but it usually had a funny line in it which made it ok.

One thing these guys are missing is someone who actually knew alot about the opposition. Tony greig knew alot about the opposition strengths, weaknesses, background knowledge and even what domestic teams they played for. These current idiots came even be bothered learning how to pronounce their ■■■■■■■ name.


Watch them over expose and run BBL into the ground. They’ll go down the more = better route trying to get the money back.


If that’s true, then it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t bother to get Foxtel for for Cricket on that break up.

Only bummer would be if it also means the OD World Cup.

  • On the roof is now a Zooper boundary worth 9 runs.

  • LBW decisions will be voted by viewers who will dial either 1800 HES GAWN or 1800 NOTOUT.

  • Guest umpires introduced, including Roaming Brian, Pete and Manu, and the Weather Girl.


Maybe they’ll promote ODI’s again.