Cricket Part II


Participation rate has gone down in England simce Sky started broadcasting the cricket. I hope the extra few million is worth the gamble CA are taking. I would bet that it won’t be.


I think it’s great that CA wants to help me avoid awkward workplace conversations.


  • Did you see the Big Bash last night?
  • No.
  • Oh, I thought you were really into cricket?
  • Yeah, I am. Just not…
  • You were watching the One Day match the other day. You were talking to me about that not the World Cup tournament…
  • Yeah, I…
  • No-one watches one day matches anymore.
  • I know, but…
  • But you don’t watch T20.
  • No, I just don’t find it interesting at all.
  • Huh. Okay.


  • Did you see the Big Bash last night?
  • Nuh.
  • No, me neither.


Yes 30% is roughly correct

Interesting will be whether the govt steps in now as the deal breaks the anti-siphoning laws, international odi and t20 games are supposed to be available for all to see


True however the anti-siphoning law is yet to be changed meaning One Dayers at this stage must be shown on FTA.


Cricket Australia stream the Sheffield shield games online for free. It’s an excellent service.


Lol. I can’t see a liberal government going against Rupert’s wishes no matter what the rules are meant to be.


Rumour has it that they were given prior permission to proceed with this as the Gov would allow it.


when CA shat on the ABC and gave the rights to ch 9 back in the '70s, the ABC rightly said that they would not be covering Sheffield Shield any more. Why should they do the work of building up audiences for ch 9?

It’s a shame because younger people now would not appreciate how popular Sheffield Shield was back in those days. You would get to know the best players (literally, First Class) of each State. And when a Test match came around, you really had the feeling of seeing the best of the best playing for the country.


As long as the executives get their bonuses from this deal, they wouldn’t really care less what happens in years to come.


Unofficially, Langer is now coach of the Aussie side. Apparently going to be announced Friday.

I wonder if he will be coach of all formats?


I’m sure it is, BD, but I don’t have the bandwidth for streaming services. Ah well…


How would the Brown Nosed Gnome fit in with the new ‘culture’ CA are trying to implement, given that he’s already been coaching the Australian set-up recently when Lehman has had a break?


“Brown Nosed Gnome,” ??? Ah Chris, be noice… :rofl:


You’re right, I need to be careful, Sutherland might come after me. :grinning:


Matt Renshaw 101 not out on his Somerset debut batting at #3 - Somerset all out for 202.


So C7 has already advised that they have reached out to try and entice Dennis Cometti back into the commentary for the cricket coverage. Now i like Dennis but what made C10’s coverage so good was they went with all young and new comms and it worked really well. Why go back to Dennis?

Thankfully they have hired the guy to head up their coverage who was instrumental in developing 10’s coverage. Hopefully he will bring some much needed change to tests.


Have confirmed that the reason ODIs and T20 internationals can be shown on Foxtel rather than FTA is because the contract is between Channel 7 and Cricket Australia. This means the games can be on sold to Foxtel by 7 on the basis they don’t want to show the matches. Clearly a back to back deal built to get around the anti siphoning rules.


They’ve hired Dave Barham?
Good bloke, and EFC director.


Yep, that’s him.


Channel 7 is the eternal old boys club.