Cricket Part II


Why do they do it for half seasons? Surely a full season makes more sense.


I agree. I’m not sure what they’re planning next season but hopefully they do.


A full season would arguably mean we lose our home advantage. Imagine getting picked to play a test and having not played a game with a Kookaburra in recent times in Australia.


One of the reasons for this setup but also contractual.


More guys, and I mean our batsmen, need to play County Cricket. But they don’t, they play franchise T20. More money. Are you gonna knock back hundreds of thousands, possibly even in excess of $1 Million for six weeks work ahead of being paid a fraction of that to play County? Also with International schedules so packed they might only have 2-3 months tops playing over there before having to go on tour. Back in the 80s and 90s the Test program was nowhere near as cramped. The likes of Border, the Waughs, Boon, etc played many seasons of County Cricket to enhance their games and gain experience in England. Unless you’re someone like a Chris Rogers who didn’t play Test Cricket for nearly 6-7 years and you had to play in England to earn a living, you just won’t have a Test regular get that body of work in…


Yep, agreed. Renshaw is over there at the moment, Handscome is another who should be over there as well.


If you playba full County season, in terms of 4-day games you play double the amount just about. I think it’s a 16 game season (2 divisions of 9 teams, play each team once home and away). A friend of mine by the name of Adam Rossington, who plays for Northants, said you could theoretically play cricket 6 days a week almost for 6 months solid. I think the ECB changed the format now, but pretty much on the Monday you’d start a 4-day game (Mon-Thu), once that game is finished you’d sometimes have a limited overs match on the Friday. Then if you wanted to you could play a game for your club on the Saturday, with the Sunday used as a travel day to prepare for the next 4-day game. Rinse and repeat. If you played both formats you’d be knackered!


2 Aussies and 3 Poms are set to be interviewed once the ICC knows exactly who they are.


Some pretty conclusive proof given by the match-fixers.

Which overs are they going to bat slowly(carefully)?
The overs before lunch or tea breaks.

Oh, that’s never happened before.

It should be quite legal to kill Indian bookmakers.


Pakistan 2-24 at drinks after winning the toss. Broad with both, the first after having an lbw overturned, got the guy caught at third slip later in the over.

Poms have brought in Sam Curran on debut, Jennings and Woakes to replace Wood, Stokes (?) and Stoneman. Curran the 7th youngest to play for England…younger brother of Tom who toured here.

Broad has it doing a bit. We’d be 8 down by now.


it was certainly moving about. the poms might have been in strife as well if they had batted .great to see the ball swinging


James Sutherland has stood down as Australian Cricket CEO. The game will be better for it.


in 12 months


About time


Credit to “Urthor” on r/cricket


So we have gone from bad to worse?


“and then last’s year’s hot-tempered MoU dispute, a process he was kept out of by Peever before ultimately intervening late in the piece.”


(that’s from Cricinfo)





Amazing win. Makes the 10 team World Cup even more of a joke.


Good on them, they were better than us and deserved their victory. Almost chased it down