Cricket Part II


Should be over by 11:45


Or you can watch magic mike on go! At 9.30. Tough choice


Neser to debut.


He looks the second biggest pie-chucker (after Herath) in world cricket, but Moeen has 3/13 off 5. Aus 4/72 off 17…Stoinis and Maxwell batting.


Moeen is so ■■■■. Embarrassing that we have gifted him 3 poles not through good bowling in his behalf, but 3 very ordinary pieces of batting. Stoinis caught behind off Rashid, 4/5 wickets falling to spin. Australia 5/90.


Can just see what’s going to happen; Maxwell is going to go out playing a very Maxwell shot and then everyone is going to blame him for the loss. This despite the fact that he came in for 3 for bugger all

or he’ll score a fighting century and be hailed a hero


In tests Ali is an awful bowler, in limited overs he is pretty decent- just keeps it basic and tight and also picks up the odd wicket.


Langer begins his tenure with a loss. Morgan and Root partnership killed the contest.


Gee we picked a weak team, is that the vest we have available now?


We picked who was available and not injured.


Yes, especially given England auto qualify as hosts


“”GET YOUR SANDPAPER!" bellowed a handful of volunteers as they handed out small yellow sheets - one part viral marketing to two parts “stick it up 'em”. Each a meme come to life. Each recipient a retweet. They were waving them outside the Beehive pub, like referees cautioning the wind, fervently when an Australian jersey or anything else in canary yellow was spotted. Just before entering the ground by the Alec Stewart Gates, an A4 size card with Steve Smith’s agony-ridden face under which the caption read “We’re only here for the tears.” Most of them were.”


We are gonna cop shitt for years to come, get used to it.

I haven’t been back to NZ for 20 years, but they were still talking about the underarm incident then & this is 100 times worse.


It’ll be just like how Australians can’t let the whole Cronje thing go, right?


Who? :grinning:


It will be interesting to see how long the comments last. Mohammad Amir went to jail for match fixing in England and this year there was hardly a peep from the crowd. This was his second tour back.


Pakistan aren’t tall poppies though


CRICKET Australia is closing in on a new deal for the radio media rights and it looks like tradition could be taking a back seat.

After enjoying an 80-year partnership, it has been reported CA could be set to exclude the ABC from the broadcast rights, according to Wide World of Sports.

Craig Hutchinson’s Crocmedia company is believed to be the favourite to claim the rights with Macquarie Media also atop the list.


“Tradition is good, money is better” - every sporting organisation


Cricket Australia denying moving radio from the ABC, according to an Age article.
"Cricket Australia slams rumours ABC will lose broadcast rights
By Broede Carmody
14 June 2018 — 4:58pm
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Cricket Australia has rubbished suggestions the ABC is on the verge of losing its radio broadcasting rights.

The public broadcaster has beamed international cricket games into Australian households for more than 80 years. Negotiations are currently underway to strike a new deal.