Cricket Part II


Cricket Australia denying moving radio from the ABC, according to an Age article.
"Cricket Australia slams rumours ABC will lose broadcast rights
By Broede Carmody
14 June 2018 — 4:58pm
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Cricket Australia has rubbished suggestions the ABC is on the verge of losing its radio broadcasting rights.

The public broadcaster has beamed international cricket games into Australian households for more than 80 years. Negotiations are currently underway to strike a new deal.


I hear that there’s commercial radio in this neck of the woods. Don’t know what they are though.


A DAY after reports claimed Cricket Australia was set to cut ties with the ABC, the game has announced a new six-year radio rights deal which increases the ABC’s cricket sphere.

The new radio deal for Australian cricket has seen Macquarie Radio Network win the rights as the primary radio partner — but the network has sub-contracted games to the ABC and Crocmedia, the new player in cricket’s radio rights.

However, the new deal between Macquarie and the national broadcaster will see the ABC boost its total coverage of Australian cricket by adding the women’s Big Bash League to its coverage of men’s and women’s international cricket — including Tests and One Day Internationals.


Meanwhile Afghanistan rolled for 109 their first test match going as expected vs india


3/24 in their second dig. Hopefully they will have improved a bit by the time they play their first Test here in 30 years time.


India win by an innings and 262 runs. Welcome to test cricket Afghanistan


A fair few sour grapes in the no ABC reports from what I could see. Story seemed to come from Channel 9’s WWOS website. Salty much?


Afghanistan lost 20 wickets in one day.


Only the 4th time that’s happened in test cricket

India’s biggest ever test win too


SA still have the lowest ever first innings in Test cricket (84)

Zimbos have the highest (456)


So you’d think India will follow their usual pattern then.
Play lots of tests against Afghanistan, in the name of developing cricket there of course, whilst growing the averages of their own players way beyond their actual international ability.


2nd odi on 9 tonight
WC on sbs
Rugby on 10
Afl on 7
Ridiculous night of sport on tv


I don’t mind that as at least it gives the developing nations exposure to Test cricket against good opposition. Australia just ignores them and makes up excuses not to play them.


D’arcy Short ODI debut, come from nowhere via bbl hope the kid goes well


Roy killing us again, england to make 300+ easy


What a catch by short!


Not sure the Aussie bowlers will have much luck with such a wet ball and wet outfield. Makes it impossible for the bowlers to grip the ball or make it do anything.


Aussies chasing 343 to win. Hmm… not staying to see us lose that as well


SL have been charged with ball tampering (which they strenuously deny).


Let the heads roll??

Let’s see if CA’s hard-line stance rubs off on everyone else