Cricket Part II


Pujara gone now. 2/17

I was hoping to see him back up his first innings heroics but not to be. 245 is looking a very long way away now. If Kohli can get them home from here, it would be huge. I kinda hope he can! I feel a bit dirty for saying that but it’s England. Fark England.


You can always find a reason for fark England.




3/22 now. Anderson with his second as he sends Dhawan packing. Only 4 behind McGrath now. RIP India.


It’s endless.


Kohli is still in, there is always a chance


True dat. One good partnership is all that’s needed to conjure some belief. It’s been such a cracking series that nobody would be surprised to see something special and a tight finish.



In their 4 day march Australia A bowled out for 243 against India A. India A 0/41 in reply. 5 :duck: in the Aussie innings. Khawaja 127.

This is what they’re playing on:



Never seen a pitch with so many cracks yet so many green patches


How the fark does Moeen Ali get 9 wickets against India?


Can’t have been too bad a pitch if Khawaja can get 127.




His record at the Southampton ground is insane, averages 10 wickets there or something insane like that. Plus he had a big amount of rough to aim for


I just can’t comprehend it, and can’t reconcile that record with how he’s generally played against Australia (both home and away). On what I’ve seen he’s probably the closest approximation to a park cricketer I can remember. A propensity for being owned when batting (that innings last summer at the MCG, where he tried to slog his way through, was pure mental disintegration), and (at least one) four-ball offered up every over just doesn’t marry up with the idea of him being a destroyer. Weird…


At home, he did pretty well in the last Ashes. Away he was beyond terrible

The problem is, he isn’t and will never be a front line spinner. Yet that is how they have used him. In limited overs he is very good at keeping the RR down and picking up a couple of wickets. He doesn’t have nearly enough tricks to be a test match spinner

His batting is very hit or miss, he is more suited to batting at maybe 7 when the ball has gone soft. Yet over the years he has batted every position from 1-8

His other issue is, English pitches aren’t suited for spin bowling- so he doesn’t have much of a chance to really hone his craft that much apart from in actual matches


This was India’s best chance to win on English soil given they finally have some decent pacemen and England have several issues with their batting, yet aside from Kohli their batsmen let them down. Ashwin bowled very poorly in the 2nd innings, too flat, too quick, too short. You’d have though he was the part-time offie and not Moeen. On dry and dusty wickets he can be a handful. Out here he may as well not tour. He will never get conditions to suit him and the Aussies always target opposition spinners.


Is Alistair Cook about to announce his retirement? That’s the rumour.


Rumour confirmed


Glad he has made the right call. Been an outstanding player for a long time, but time catches up with everyone

One thing I loved about Cook was when he would get a ton, you could almost guarantee he would really go on with it

His performance in the ashes that we won in Australia was absolutely amazing.

Thanks for everything Cook