Cricket Part II


Kohli averaging 73 this series.



India with a 27 run lead.

Pujara 134* and Moeen 5-60 odd

Poms none for not many in the second dig.


Very evenly poised game. Big first session coming up in a couple of hours.


Will be good seeing how the poms go this innings, their top order is nearly as bad as ours


Cook nicked one to slip off Bumrah. Took 3 grabs to finally get it.
Moeen in at 3, has looked shaky.


Got to 2-92 and right on lunch, Shami got Jennings lbw for 36.

First ball after lunch, Bairstow gets the leg peg knocked out of the ground.

Root there on 30 and Stokes just in.


I know their light on for quality bats, but the poms have such an unbalanced side. Playing with two wicket keepers and four all rounder types, with Stokes the only genuine one


Yep it’s a joke. By all reports there are some young guys making stacks of runs in county cricket but they aren’t getting picked

Cook is done

Jennings is trash

Root is a number 4 not a number 3


Buttler in the form of his life and Curran 36* probably have got the Poms in a strong position in the game. That pitch is dry and I suspect will be tough chasing anything north of 250 with Moeen and Rashid to bowl on it as it breaks up further. But yes, England have some real concerns with the openers, who bats at 3, and who takes the gloves out of Bairstow and Buttler, although I think it’s down to injury as to why Bairstow isn’t keeping wicket in this Test.


Curran has done well as a hitting no 8.

78 & 36*
And i think he did well before he got dropped for Stokes


Sorry for a minute there I thought I was in the setterfeild thread


This isn’t the Curran that played in Australia is it? It’s the younger brother isn’t it?


Yes, correct


Was going to say. The one in Australia was a ■■■■■■■ plodder. Took 4 wickets in a meaningless ODI and carried on like his first test wickets was not a no ball!!!


True that, brother is an absolute plodder. His brother has a bit of potential though


They have a dip both of them, it must be the Zimbabwean in them, but Sam has the potential to be a very good bowling all-rounder. A left armer that swings the ball into the right-hander at decent pace will always be a handful. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s play. This series has been very well fought, if India make it 2-2 then what a finish to the series with a deciding 5th Test. Could also be a farewell for Cook given how he looks like he’s finished…


India polish off the last 2 English wickets and require 245 to win and square the series.


Rahul out, 1/4


Got a grubber. Balls like that can cause indecision with batsmen in terms of whether to go forward or back. Was just back of a length and it got little more than ankle height. I’d say England have enough in the bank here. Only a Kohli masterclass can possibly win this for India…