Cricket Part II


I don’t know about that.
I don’t know why it would take guts to make Lyon captain.
In this XI he seems the obvious choice to me.


I agree with that personally, but I don’t think CA think that way. Meanwhile everyone is scratching their head at Paine.


Well, yes, CA don’t think that way.
CA are responsible for this team in so many ways.

I honestly don’t think I’ll give a fat rats about this boys club of a team until M Marsh is out of it.
Which is a shame, because I really, really love Test cricket.

Haven’t bothered to watch a single ball of this Test.


IIRC he was very good in our last series against souf africa.

I’m yet to switch from footaball to cricket mode tho.


Would Lyon be a good captain? Has he been a captain before?


As a ‘pure’ keeper he’s farking pants.
Maybe he had it once as that, but quite understandably at 33 he does not have it now.

And he’s not as good a batsman as Wade.
Not by any measure.
Wade has put in some pretty fine innings when the pressure was on.
I haven’t seen a single innings from Paine to win or save or even come close.

But forget Wade, he doesn’t matter.
If Wade was playing in the XI I sure as hell wouldn’t be spruiking him for captain.

Everything about this XI is a joke, from the captain down.
No disrespect to Siddle.
He has been and continues to be a beast, but that he’s in the side in 2018…


Why bring Wade into it? He bats ok for a keeper but he’s a terrible keeper.
Makes Paine look like Ian Healy


Because he’s Paine’s main rival and his keeping is nowhere near as bad as people say and Paine’s keeping sure as hell is not all that, now.
Maybe it was, once.
Maybe he was lightning and didn’t miss a trick in his mid twenties.
But he’s not in his mid twenties, and he is not lighting and he does miss several tricks.
And he’s not as good a batsman as Wade.

That’s why.

Edit: And lol. Don’t be bagging Healy. That’s just really silly.


Just give the keeping gig to Carey and start moving forward.
Bring in someone to captain the side.
If not, as silly as it sounds, for the immediate term, while he’s there, give it to Finch.
At least he has experience, and is tactically astute.


I don’t think Paine train should be anywhere near the captaincy under normal circumstances but he was 1 of 2 players (other being Cummins) who didn’t embarrass themselves in souf africa. Was also our only player to average over 40 during the series.


Well if you only think Smith, Warner and Bancroft were involved in the ball tampering affair then you are delusional - This was a cover up of the highest order.


Who gives a fark?
Only CA and who they want in their boys club, not the rest of the world.


So far so good. Australia 0/97.

Finch 47*
Khawaja 46*

These two must kick on and not throw away this start.


50 up for Finch


Finch going well in test cricket.

Never in doubt!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still say if you can’t make runs on this, you shouldn’t be playing test cricket.

Though I did see a bit more spin, which was well negated. Been a good effort by the Aussies.


I encourage you to go and speak to Starc about whether there was a coverup. Doubt you would last long, same for the other bowlers. They have all very strongly stated they had nothing to do with it, didn’t know about it and have said if anyone makes that claim publicly they will sue their arses off.


215 runs in 8 innings, with 1 x 50. And the one score was in first dig of the dead rubber last game. When the heat was on, to save the game, he hit a very helpful 7.

So pretty much Bradman.


Some of these pitches are absolutely dead for about 3.5 days, then completely unplayable after that. I remember one in the last Pak aus series where their first innings took 2 full days, but the game was done before day 5.


Yeah, I can see this being a minefield on Day 5.