Cricket Part II


Australia have lost 7 for 41.


Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.


Long summer of cricket ahead.


We lost 10 for 60. Debutant took 6 wickets. 280 runs behind and Pakistan batting again.


Glenn Maxwell doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing that rubbish.


Wow we lost 10-60 and yet the most surprising thing is we actually made 200.


Australian XI Team 1998

Australian XI Team 2008

Australian XI Team 2018

Da fark happened to Australian Cricket?


Selectors and poor development, mixed with the rise of T20.


Hughes was a great talent. Because England worked out he had a weakness (shock horror, imagine that), they dumped him as quick as possible and wouldn’t let him back int he side. Maxwell is a supremely talented player, again with some flaws. Rather than develop him they have stamped his papers as never to play.

Meanwhile they pick Finch and have a player called Marsh (or 2) in the side both of whom have bigger flaws than the previous two.

The fact they picked Paine ahead of a young developing WK was a sign have how bad it had become in the world of selection.

I want all selectors gone and a complete revamp of the side. If you are going to rebuild the side because you over-reacted and suspended your two best players for far too long then at least pick young players and give them a chance. Even a concussed Renshaw is better than Finch playing at 32. We were never going to win this series or even get close, so plan for the future not put in stop gaps who won’t be there in a year, if that long.


I think the theory that Langer is playing funny buggers with stopgaps (Finch, Waj opening, no Renshaw, Maxwell inexplicably told to sit out County and Aus A, then not being picked) because he doesn’t want anyone to take the spots of his favourites (Bancroft, MMarsh, SMarsh, probably Jo frigging Angel soon enough) makes a lot of sense.


burns white bailey and ferguson would be better than what is happening over there now. throw in maxwell


Bailey would not be the worst idea. Solid, experienced captain at least.


The Maxwell omission is/was an absolute farce, and also the circumstances in the preceding 4-5 months by CA in preventing him from playing County Cricket in England, telling him to rest for the A team tour of the sub-continent, subsequently not picking him for that tour because “we don’t need to see how he plays over there”, and then snubbing him for the UAE tour. Then listening to that smug ■■■■ Lehmann say how he’s “shocked” he didn’t get picked. Well, if it wasn’t for you he’d have played a damn sight more Test cricket and we’d have a better idea of whether he’s good enough or not. You only have to listen to the attitude of Ricky Ponting regarding Maxwell - “I’d get the best out of him”. Isn’t that the job of a coach? Instead we just pick “yes” men and play favourites ahead of guys who maybe are a bit different or maybe more outspoken. End of the day, you take the best 2 batsmen out of any Test side and they’ll be affected. You even just take Kohli out of India and Root out of England and they’d be absolute pants.


He doesn’t know about it yet.
He’s still on searching for a link to Geoff Marsh.


At least we played like good blokes though. Cause you know, that’s what’s important…


And virtue signalling tossbags who decided it was their time to take a stand against a sport they don’t give a ■■■■ about for 9mths of the year.


the advice that C.A gave maxwell should be bought under restriction of trade.all the new age stuff doesn’t work any better than the old style coaching. let their natural game flow but then again the selectors never gave jamie siddons a proper go so disregard my waffle


Back then you had a world-class top 6 and another dozen blokes putting up big runs in the Shield and getting overlooked. Now, even with Smith and Warner in the team, you have blokes in there who barely deserve a baggy green. James Brayshaw played Shield cricket and averaged 42. He didn’t get within a bull’s roar of a Test cap. Now if he put those numbers up he’d be batting at 3.


i saw siddons play a lot when he was in victoria and he was something special. great eye and hand he would of made a fortune out of t20 nowadays


It’s ‘Shiel’ FFS.

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