Cricket Part II


Sandhu picks up 4 in the last over, last three balls a hat-trick. Ends with 7-56

Vics 274


Vics keeping it tight, Tassie 1-40 off the first 10.

Maxwell got Wade on a top edge. Otherwise pretty dull going.


3 / 85
Ahmed went for about 50 off his first over, then picked up McDermott in his 2nd. Maddinson gets Silk at the other end then taken off, thanks very much.

Doolan and Bailey in now, they need 190 or so off about 180. These 2 need to fire if Tas win.



Fekete gets a little extra bounce, undoes Bailey.

Milenko now.



Milenko goes for a drive that wasn’t there, straight down Maxwell’s throat. Fekete with 2.

Tas in a big hole.


If all remaining batsman equal their highest List A scores, Tasmania will just make it


Vics all but home. 9/137.


If you added hazelwood and Cummins to the 2018 team, that bowling attack would give those top 2 batting lineups a run for their money

Would love to see a fully firing Starc against Hussey at the top of his game and a still very good Ponting


Only Starc and Lyon, to me, are definitely in the Test XI. Given the injuries and suspensions this is practically an Australian A side.


You forgot the selections. Leaving Maxwell and Burns out of the squad is a joke, as was the non selection of Renshaw in this test.


Will be interesting to see how long Pakistan bat on. To be honest, it’s absolute madness to continue on after lunch. They should declare right now


They’re batting on… unnecessarily


Sure. I think it was implied that I didn’t completely agree with the selections of the other nine players in the team given that only about half of them are out due to suspension or injury.


If it was Australia in their position, I’d be spewing about the gutlessness of this decision. There is not a chance in the world that they’ll lose and there wasn’t at lunch either.


Probably looking for just enough runs to make Australia bat a third time late tomorrow!!!


They want to cook our bowlers. Grind us into the dust. As they well should.

EDIT and as I was typing, they’ve declared at 6/181.

461 to win.

137 overs for them to get us.

Why on earth would they have declared any earlier ?


The run rate required for that is well above what any team has achieved for this match. At lunch it wounld have been about 3 an over (435 off about 145 overs) which is still above the average run rate for the match so far. That’s a very solid indicator that the target was too much for Australia. Let alone the very low likelihood they’ll bat that long anyway.
Declaring later just reduces Pakistan’s chances of bowling Australia out.
Although it’s still almost certain they’ll win from here you’d think.

I might be coloured by my bet on pakistan therefore wanting them to give themselves the best chance of winning ($1.91 before the match was pretty good odds I thought once they won the toss)


Pakistan would need 60 overs to get this team out.

Grind starc into the ground and we lose any chance of winning.

The longer they battes the worse the pitch gets and the quicker the wickets fall.


You think Aus were a chance of making the total if Pak had given them 145 overs? 150?

It’s immaterial.
They’ll knock us over inside 4 sessions.

Keeping us out there longer just helps fatigue the Australian bowlers, will help them down the track.


Both Marshes out for ducks

Lost 3-0