Cricket Part II


CA wanted more of the money and wanted to give less to the players.


Don Bradman lives.


CRICKET is in turmoil after the deadline for a new pay deal between Cricket Australia and its players lapsed, leaving 230 officially unemployed.

There was no intervention in the dispute from CA boss James Sutherland, and the governing body did not shift on its pay offer to players.


The cynical among us would say that "Australia finds another way out of touring the subcontinent."


Australia A tour of south africa is cancelled after players withdrew from tour. Bangladesh test series will be in doubt now, looks like both sides standing firm


I find it hard to give a sh*t about cricket anymore.


Sutherland needs to get involved pronto, or just bugger off! He's not doing his job and should be sacked.


That’s the thing that has me perplexed. He negotiated the last MOU and is known as a good negotiator. Why is he basically silent about this and not getting involved? Isn’t it his job to get involved if it falls apart? If it isn’t then why the hell is he still getting paid?


England vs South Africa due to start in 10 minutes.

Dean Elgar captaining the Jaapies.

Heino Kuhn debuts for SA and Gary Ballance back for the Poms.

Absolutely refuse to comment on Heino's surname.


England batting, couple of no-balls from Philander, and the Foxtel eejit thinks overs end after 6 deliveries.

They haven't taken any notice of my abusive phone call 15 years ago when I suggested they sack the person who throws to ads.

Baseball playoffs and down to the short strokes in a 1-run game and 2 men on. Batter fouled off about a dozen pitches so the ad person got bored and threw to an ad pushing Foxtel shows, not products they were making money from...and naturally a 2-run double is hit.

Late innings of baseball cricket...provide plenty of opportunities for ads.

England 0-14 with Cook 3 and Jennings 8.

Cook just caught behind off Philander. 1-14.


sutherland might be out the door if his protege is doing the contract neg. he mightn't of be corporate enough


The attitude of CA is perplexing. The sticking point is they feel state level cricketers are overpaid in the previous MOA. This is crazy thinking because cricket is in competition with other sports for talent. An 18 year old may choose cricket if they know they can make say 300k when they are 22 or 23 playing state level cricket.


England 4/82 at lunch, Root still there just over 30...Philander 3/26 and the last 3 wickets have been lbw.

Jennings should have reviewed but didn't. Would have been adjudged pitching outside leg, although probably 49% of the ball was in-line.

Immaterial since it looked as if it was missing leg, which Hawkeye also suggested. Forget Hawkeye...I thought it was too close to give out.


Gee that joe root knock must have been something special


I'm so immature I can't read Joe Root without giggling.


Root is a special player.


Americans root for their team to win. Australians root because we just love rooting.


Oh great, more use of the media to wage this continued war. Neither side looks good in all of this but CA even worse imo.


He seems like a horrible choice of chairman. How he thought these comments were going to help is amazing. Not sure a deal is getting done anytime soon with him pulling the strings.


So I guess the Ashes is off?