Cricket Part II




It all part of their grand plan. The Marshs will save the day for Cricket Australia by being the only 2 non-retired test players to sign a new contract.


So is Starc being rested(or injured) or is it related to the pay dispute that's going on?


News report I heard earlier tonight was that it was stress fractures. Not sure whether it was leg or ankle, I don't think it was his back.


He hasn't completely recovered from the ankle injury that sent him home from the Indian tour. More precautionary than anything with the Ashes in mind.


Stress fracture of the foot.


Pakistan 4-313 with 3 overs left

Some Fakhar I've never seen made 114


How the hell did that not take off the bails. Hit the stumps quite hard


4-338 at the end

Bumsrush bowled 2 no-balls in the 49th, one waist-high, one front-foot. Hanging offences.


Wasn't punished though. They could have 30 more.


When Amir is focused he is a hell of a bowler


EAD you smug Indians


Big result for Pakistan


Comprehensive belting of India. A sweet, sweet result.



"They proved it again, they can upset anyone on their day, disappointing for us but I have a smile on my face because we played well to reach the final. "


That's not a smile...


Afghanistan and Ireland have been approved as Full Members by the ICC, meaning they have become cricket's 11th and 12th Test-playing nations.




I'm with the players on this one. System wasn't broken so why change it. Some of the public correspondence from CA is so petty and childish. The comments by Pat Howard yesterday wreaked of blackmail.


I wouldnt be too worried. Australia could field a 3rd string side this Ashes series and still crush us 5-0