Cricket Part II


I wouldn’t write off Maddinson just yet - he is only 25 and was done no favours by the selectors who picked him soley on “promise” when he was out of form. Totallly mesesed with his head and his season spiraled into an absolute nightmare. He’s had one chance, whereas Marsh…


Got a terrible technique suited only to limited overs.


Being a war veteran doesn’t exclude you from being a tool


I think this is great.


I couldn’t stomach seeing S.Marsh in a Baggy Green again. At 34 he’s had more than enough opportunities. I’d rather Cal Ferguson get another crack at it. One Test is not enough of a sample size to see if he could cut it. Marsh has had so many chances and never cemented his spot…


The problem was with the selectors. Everyone knows that Marsh is brilliant first test back then does nothing for the next few. So they should bring him in for one game, drop him, then bring him in, drop him, then bring him in.


Patto ruled out of summer cricket- stress fractures in the back.
I think he’s done.


Think Pattersen needs to take 2 years away from cricket - First year is no sport at all and year two is a slow build up.


Patto will get up to too much mischief if he does. You think Stringer has problems…


Maddison is garbage in the long form. How he got selected for a test, is a mystery for mine.
His 3 tests are possibly the worst in recent memory for an Australian batsman on debut. Couldn’t possibly considered anytime soon without a major rework of his technique.


Shame, a career ruined by injury.


Pretty obvious how he got a gig! Smith and Clarke big fans, no doubt due to the colour of his cap.

On the latest picture of him on the Oz cricket site, he looks like he’s going around in a disguise…big glasses and moustache.


Stokes unlikely to tour Australia, Finn added to squad


I can’t see how he can participate in the Ashes even if they haven’t completely ruled him out. The footage is so damning and it would send a very poor message if he were to play. The ECB are obviously desperate for him to play and are keeping their options open but they have nowhere to go. He simply can’t play.


Smith heading home from India due to injury.


Ferg with 169 in the JLT Cup today.
Playing on some postage stamp sized ovals, some of the scores are a joke


Will Sutherland 3/11 off 4.2 for the Vics against NSW


Just went straight through Starc.


And Siddle has bowled 6 overs for 3 runs! Up to Commins and Starc to get the Blues out of their hole with both bat and ball you’d imagine. They are capable. But it’s not looking good for them.


Ahmed picked up 3 quick ones. Now 9/113


Vic win on D/L after match abandoned due to dangerous wicket.
'dem quality grounds in NSW.