Cricket Part II


You don’t reckon there are a few people in Sri Lanka who will be looking into his history.


Don’t really care…Murali threw at least two types of delivery and i doubt the intelligence of anyone who denies it.


I think he did too. I dont think Hair got it right though. I also think Brett Lee chucked


Agree on Lee with his bouncer.

I think Hair was right that day at the MCG and the biggest indictment was on the other umpire. He agreed he was throwing but didn’t have the guts.


[quote=“smooth, post:1781, topic:9769, full:true”]I can find a spot for him in that top 6 ahead of any of Maddinson, Henriques, Patterson or Dan Hughes.

And all of them except Hughes (currently 32*) failed in the Blues’ first dig against the SACAs.

SA skittled for 92 but it was Copeland who was the destroyer, not Starc or Cummins.


Was a tough one at AO yesterday. The openers did a good job but we collapsed after that. Weather played havoc with the pink ball. Wasn’t doing a lot early on but then a change came in and it become quite overcast and humid, next thing the ball is hooping sideways and unplayable. Apart from Warner the NSW batters struggled aswell. Unfortunately he nicked one up earlier and was given not out


First couple of days favoured ball over bat in most of the matches.


Two gay guys have claimed that Ben Stokes was defending them from homophobic slurs.

The response seems a little over the top for a bit of mouthing off. If he was defending them from homophobic violence, yeah…maybe.

They’l Find some way to get him back in the squad.


Yeah, VIC v QLD match looks to be owned by the bowlers with the one exception, Khawaja, who is making some timely runs. He’d be the n my Ashes team on the Oz decks.


Took them a month to come forward? Wonder if they’ve been pushed to say something


You’d reckon. It’d be fair counterpoint to the old law, or understanding, that if a bloke killed another bloke who’s tried to pin atail on him, then it’s justifiable homicide.


They did go at him with a bottle fwiw

The first part is him defending himself, the last part is just assault.

Props to the guy who he defended for coming forward to defend him, I still don’t think he will be part of the ashes- whether he is part of the team or not it won’t have a bearing on the final series result anyway


The homophobic taunts were first reported in the English press around 3 days after the event.


Starc 8-73 in the second dig against SA.

Some pretty scary stuff in there including a corker to Head first aggot…

Smith 3 & 9, Maddinson 5 & 0 fail in both innings


The keeper situation wasn’t resolved this round. Wade apparently told he has the 3 SS games to make runs or he is gone. Made 1 first dig.
Nevill batted ok in difficult conditions for 20 and kept extremely well, won’t get a second hit. Carey who is next off the rank failed in both innings


Wade scores 6 in his second knock. Tasmania getting pulverised by the WACAs.


Tassie 7/29. ■■■■■■■ hell.


Surely we have another keeper somewhere that can score over 20 that isn’t Wade or Nevill?


Nevill batted really well but yes he doesn’t make enough runs at test level. He still is the best we have though


It’s kind of baffling that Paine couldn’t have been given a gig batting this shield round, not sure of injured? surely he would still be in contention