Cricket Part III


Slightly surprised that no extra bowling options have been added to what was picked for the India series…


Or the fact he has been doing well in the BBL and has been one of the few to get movement, as well as his form in England with the Duke ball.


Plenty of other good younger bowlers of that type, eg Worrall, Sayers. Bird and Copeland a fair bit older.


Their form haven’t been as good from what has been spoken about during the BBL casts.

I might add I would prefer to give a younger guy a go but I can see why they have picked him.


I like the squad. Feels much better.


I must have missed the bit where all of the four i mentioned have been playing BBL.

May as well pick Tye and Laughlin instead.


Looks like the warm up game in Hobart will be a bat off for 3 batting spots between 4 players - Burns, Pucovski, Labuschagne and Renshaw.


Good batting ins but disappointed at the lack of changes to the bowling lineup

Think Michael Vaughan was spot on saying Australia is deluded thinking they’ll win the ashes with that bowling attack


How many games has Pucovski played since coming back from the mental health issues? And what has he done?

I’m glad he’s getting a run, but worried it’s a bit early


1 and he got 67


Are they naming the squad early so they can pull everyone from any potential long-form warm-up matches?


I thought the same that it might be too early, but I suppose they’ve had some constructive conversations and made sure he’s ok. It’s this sort of selection that Australia needs to make, inject classy youth, then stick with them for the long term.


Only 2 weeks until first test and no SS until end of Feb.


It’s madness.

Anyone know how they manage the county cricket and one day/T20 schedules in England? What are they playing during the ashes tour?


Can Smith & warner play Shield cricket before their bans expire, so they will be ready for England if required?


Not as far as I’m aware


If NSW play the Shield final, I think they can play in that.


Would almost rather see them miss the WC and sign of a short-term County deal to get some red ball cricket into them. Not sure if the County season goes into recess during the WC though. It is an issue for sure…


Yeah, I vaguely remembered they couldn’t be doing that fool thing because they’d already screwed it up in advance…


The England tour is in August and September which is a bit unusual as it is right at the end of the season so who knows what their previous practice has been.

Given they’ll have completed 10 of 14 county games before the 1st ashes test they’ll have plenty of domestic form to look at so it probably won’t matter that the last half of July and all of August is mainly the T20 competition with one county round in the middle of August. September has the last 3 rounds of county matches but 4 of the 5 tests are finished before the 1st of those rounds of county games. The last two rounds of county games start after the 5th test.