Cricket Part III


M Waugh 41.8
G Matthews 41.1
D Jones 46.5

Just while we’re keeping score.


Cast an eye over the 2006/07 ashes team.

With hindsight
1 Langer
2 Hayden
3 Ponting
4 Martyn
5 Clarke
6 Hussey
7 Gilchrist
8 Johnson
9 Warne
10 Lee
11 McGrath

Players missing out
Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds, Adam Vogues, Stuart Clarke and Shaun Tait.


A Vogues 61.9


But let’s not give M Waugh 45.


I think it’s time to get over Dean Jones’ Test career. People have been born, finished school, gone uni, established a career and started a family since his debut.


Same for Bradman I guess.


I loved watching Mark Waugh play.


His average was clearly affected by the fact he didn’t care about it. Specifically in situations where we were well on top he often gave his wicket away doing stupid things to try and up the scoring rate or just through boredom. Clearly a far better player than statistics show


I blame the Sydney Swans! AFL has stolen our best batting talents from the traditional footy states for years and now the Swans academy is having the same impact.

Once Brisbane get their house in order and their academy starts working our batting will rely solely on washed failed AFL footballers.


Will !!

I never thought they’d do it.



He’s then played two grade cricket games and made a pair of 70’s iirc. He’ll also play another district game as of this coming Saturday. It’s only premier cricket, but in the absence of any shield games at least it’s better than sitting around as a bench player in 20/20.


Seriously, that batting squad is more or less what most of us had been suggesting from the Melbourne test. I thought Renshaw needed some runs, but I wanted Burns and was hoping for Pucovski.

I don’t mind if Pucovski doesn’t play. I think having him around the squad with England in mind is the main thing. Either way, he can then play Shield after the Sri Lankan series before the Ashes tour.

And it shows up JL’s statement about no one pushing for selection. It’s also bemusing that Handscomb got a recall, actually looked a bit better and then cut from the next two.


Phil Jaques is another people forget about

Averaged 47.4, was unlucky, got some really bad injuries at the wrong time. Would have been a very, very good opener


Can you elaborate on what in Maxwell’s tweet has lead you to conclude that Justin Langer should be sacked?


You’re right. I’d forgotten he even existed


Langer, Hayden, Ponting and Martyn the obvious exception

NSW and Qld always had an advantage due to the lack of AFL, which has always competed for the same talent. From the little I remember of NSW and Qld guys seemed to be heavily into playing one or the other.


Yep, still had Clarke though at 5 at times in that era.
We have none currently in the side and the best two bats in the land are still NSW players in Smith and Warner.
Ponting aside most of the best batsman over the years have generally been New South Welshman but the stocks are a bit thin currently although I think Patterson and Hughes have some real potential


Reckon you give Maxwell ten tests and he would average around 35 batting at number six - And he’s likely to produce one match winning innings in that period.


I suspect the inference is that Langer has a personal issue with Maxwell. Meaning he shouldn’t be coach as he isn’t fair and balanced to all potential Aussie players.


Usman is technically a New South Welshman isn’t he?

There are high hopes on Sangha.

Hopefully he doesn’t end up like another NSW prodigy, Doran.

I like what I’ve seen from Max Bryant from brisbane, strong boy and appears to be quite good at playing spin. And he is technically he is a NSWman, by a kilometre or so.