Cricket Part III


Steve and Mark Waugh too and Gilly before he went west


There’s something in what you say, but I don’t view it in such a favourable light.
No offence to those who like him, but I reckon he’s about the most overrated batsman ever.
Which is not the same thing as ‘not very good.’


Patterson has plateaued disconcertingly and Hughes is a bit meh IMO. Could be a good 1st class batsman but don’t see him making the huge step to test level.

You are right about the dearth of quality batsman coming out of NSW, it’s instructive of our position in world cricket right now.


Pucovski is a huge reach given where he’s come from in the last 12mths. Sure he looks class but he struggles to play the short ball and has had ~5 weeks off to deal with mental health issues. Have a whole truckload of test level pressure to go with that stuff young bloke.

Renshaw’s form is stinky but I’m not displeased they took a leap with him, he’s the one genuine class batsman in the country that has proved he genuinely looks at home at test level. He’s demonstrated an ability to adapt and train his game relevant to conditions and has the perfect temperament for test cricket. Hope they stick with him until his form turns around!

Burns is deserving of a call up, I’d hope they play him where he’s best suited down the order but I’m sure they’ll open with him…


It’s the politically correct thing now days to have a Vegan (or other minority) in the group.

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To be fair, Sids has always been an honest toiler, but yeah, future pls.



It shouldn’t matter if he’s keeping wicket or not. Matthew Wade is putting up the numbers, batting in a position that’s been a problem area for us over the past year or so. It shows how incompetent and/or blinkered the selectors are if they see Wade only as a keeper/batsman, and I understand his frustration. Whether they are using that as an excuse and they have an ulterior motive (eg: he’s a ■■■■ bloke) for him being excluded who knows…


So in hindsight, dropping Head from the ODI squad and putting Handscombe in is rather a strange move if Handscombe isn’t playing tests and Head is… but i suppose the selectors are just making it up as they go, there clearly hasn’t been any strategy since the bans


I don’t disagree with the premise that if you want to be picked as a batsman for Australia you should be batting in the top 4 for your state. Wade comes in at 4/40 every innings and nurses the long Tasmanian tail through. That effects the way you bat and pumps up the average with plenty of red ink. If he’s batting 4 he has more time to build an innings and have a greater impact on the game. He’s probably turning 2-3 of those 50’s he’s made into 100’s and Tasmania would be in a much better position in each match. There’s an element to which you are squibbing it batting at 6 if you’re your sides best batsman. Not just an element in fact, you are full squibbing it batting at 6 if you’re your sides best batsman.


Handscombes ability to play spin and keep the scoreboard ticking over through the middle overs probably gives him the edge over Head, especially in the absence of Smith


Or he had a bet on the next at Kembla.


He opens for QLD, so he should open for Aus. We don’t need another Finch situation.


Yeah nah. He’s too loose at the top of the order for test cricket. Unless he’s tightened up his technique significantly he’s better suited to middle order. His propensity to waft at balls outside his off stump is what got him dropped in the 1st place.
Renshaw and Harris should open and Burns should be fighting out with Pucovski and Head for a spot at 5 or 6.


Even though Trav is the second highest run scorer for Australia in ODI’s over the last 2 years?


I actually don’t mind that line up.


Of the blokes they’ve picked, that’s how it should play out IMO. Sure it won’t happen that way though and Renshaw will miss for Burns.
From the squad selected my XI would be:

I know Starc’s form hasn’t been great this year but he’s still an infinitely better bowler than Siddle and a crucial part of our Ashes plans.


Yeah they will no doubt play Marnus because, hey, why not?


I’d hazard a guess that he has probably played more games than anyone else in that time.

He had an awful tournament against SA recently (wasn’t alone), didn’t play JLT.

He has certainly been shunted around the order, which wouldn’t’ve helped him.

If current T20 trends are anything to go by, this coming World Cup is going to be dominated by mystery spinners and so emphasis should be placed on guys who can handle them well.


He battled hard in Sydney and at least showed an aptitude for not giving his wicket away but got worked out pretty quickly and fell for a pretty basic plan in the end. The biggest concern with every one of the new guys that have been selected this year is the glaringly obvious technical flaws that have been exposed so easily. Forecasting forward to the Ashes and it’s not hard to imagine Anderson and Broad having a field day poking holes in the wafer thin technique of most of these guys,


Struggles to play the short ball. Does he though?Hasn’t affected his average. l haven’t seen him enough to discount your claim but l read one of the concussions was while fielding at short leg and a previous one playing football. So is that claim based on just his concussion issues or some recognised weakness. His 200 earlier in the season was also at the WACA.