Cricket Part III


Like a broken pencil.




I don’t know who nick stragsnokolis is. Or how I spell it.
Hi nick, hi.


I saw our captain go for an expansive driver at 5 down for not a lot and get bowled. Should he be dropped too?


I’d say Paine has showed a lot of grit throughout his time in the team in general

Probably not the right example to compare but plenty of others in the sides picked recently certainly haven’t valued their wicket by the shots played.


Maxy was promoted to #3 for the national Test team and got out reverse sweeping about 3rd ball, iirc leaving us 2/fark all. It was sheer stupidity. I’m not sure he should be drawing comparisons with a bloke getting to his tonne with a reverse sweep.


Anyone see Langers PConf? He bristled a tad at some question re Maxwell, and then apologised for being “Grumpy” quite profusely, when I don’t reckon he really needed too, … he seemed to be just asking the Journo if what he was asserting happened that he based his question on had actually happened, which I thought was fair enough, and he wasn’t nasty really, so it was a bit odd that he guilted out about it so much to me,

Thing is, I couldn’t hear what the Journo said or asked, … did anyone catch it??



It’s all over the socials.
Journo asked him if he has a right to be confused after he was told not to go to England as there was an “A tour” and the UAE coming up, for which Maxwell wasn’t picked for either and then missed the home test summer as well. Langer bristled at the question as a way of questioning whether or the not that alleged conversation even happened. But then refused to actually answer on the record whether it did or not. To me it had a lot of “the lady doth protest too much” about it.
There’s a lot of ■■■■■■■ BS games going on with Maxwell. I’d suggest that neither party is particularly fond of each other but both are trying to not blow the top off completely whilst he is still an undeniably valuable limited overs player. If we didn’t have a World Cup this year, it’d be all bets off I reckon.
He ain’t playing test cricket again soon though.



Ah, ok.



Mitch Marsh pulls out of the first ODI with a sore tummy

He is replaced by a fast scoring middle order batsman and part-time offspinner

and no it isn’t Glenn Maxwell he already there, it is Ashton Turner.


Surprised it’s only happened now. M Marsh’s form has long suggested to me that he hasn’t had the stomach to play for Australia.


Just proves he is ■■■■


I weep for the future.
And Ed Cowan’s a [email protected]


Mitch got the wrong kind of runs


I don’t understand the Maxwell situation. We have no match winners at the moment, we have Maxy sitting there playing two bit T20 crap when he should be batting 5 or 6 in the test team.
Sure, he does have brain fades and at times plays stupid shots but that’s the trade off for having someone who can do things very few others can. He is an X factor that Australian cricket is really lacking.
Other than him I really hope Pattinson can get some continuity, the way he bowls is made for an Ashes tour.


This must be satire.
I’m pretty sure I picked that the last of the 5 mediocre WA all-rounders must be due for a call-up - after Marsh, Stoinis, Cartwright and Agar had all already been tried.

One of them has to be good, right?

Jo Angel must be fucken ■■■■■■. He would’ve played 250 Tests if J Langer was coach in his era.



Hohns is pretty clear on Maxwell:

"I guess right here and now we are wanting him to focus on white-ball cricket with the World Cup coming up.”


I’d suggest Maxwell should perhaps take better council than to be casting shade on anything Justin Langer did in his playing career, especially through the heroic medium of a tweet. Probably says a lot about the bloke.