Cricket Part III


That’s why Puc must play - reckon technically he is the best of the lot.

That said a moving ball is almost always unplayable but every Aussie except Smith.


He’s been sconned a few times while batting, there’s definitely a question around his technique against good short pitch bowling. One that would most definitely be tested at test level better than any shield plodders might test it.


Our blokes struggle with the straight ball, let alone when it moves! But yeah, if you’re picking Pucovski you might as well play him.


It’s unfathomable that any shield bowler has hit him on the head based on the short tripe our 3 quicks served up most of the series against India.


good gear from paine.


Yep has played the most over that time but has still been far better than guys like Maxwell over that period. Had a stinker against SA after being sent to open for the first 2 games ( The first ODI at Perth he was informed he would be opening on the day of the game)


Maybe I’m not understanding the crytpic reference in Maxwell’s tweet? Is it that Langer has told him not to take too many risks with batting and then Maxwell attempting to discredit him by cherry-picking an example of Langer reverse-sweeping a decade ago as player? And what about the Doug Walters reference…?


Provides some laughs. If only he could provide half as much in terms of batting, captaincy and keeping then he might be ok


They’ve said he can be too reckless with shots and doesn’t value his wicket enough.

Obviously in test matches its paramount.

He’s having a crack at Langer for reverse sweeping which is a risky shot.

They don’t seem to trust him to dig in/do the right thing when the situation arises. We are picking players who they seemingly do trust but are still getting out anyway / not making runs. And picking players with worse FC averages than Maxwell.

He’s been completely dicked around


I see the Lankans have been given an amnesty to come clean on corruption

Key points:

The ICC says it will issue the amnesty from January 16-31 for reporting previously undisclosed information of corruption in Sri Lankan cricket

A number of former Sri Lankan cricket internationals and administrators have recently been involved in corruption cases

Sri Lanka’s sports minister said last month that the ICC has ranked the country’s cricket administration “corrupt from top to bottom”


Short form.
Never seen him do it in shield



They couldn’t wait until after they played us to start trying?


Where does he prefer to bat up front or at the back end?

fwiw I think both Maxwell and Head should probably be in the team, especially when Smith and Warner aren’t playing. Maxwell seemed to be in and out quite a lot over that time.

Personally, I think Maxwell should be used as an opener to cash in on (re: “maxi-mise”) the powerplay; I think we bat to conservatively early on compared to most other teams and leave to much pressure on the guys batting in the last 10 overs to score at 10rpo. You really need at least one guy in your top order to score quickly, which allows the others to find their feet at a more controlled rate.


Probably the best person ever.
At stuff.


I reckon they watched some of Boult’s dismissals in the series and thought something must be up.



Burns has batted in the middle order quite a bit…Harris hasn’t.

I’d like to see them play Pucovski, just because he’s a patient batsman…unlike most of our batsmen.

And when will Hohns and co realise that S Marsh is useless against lateral movement…particularly early. At least he wouldn’t cop that in England, would he? [end sarcasm]


Is it too early - they’ve already broken Handscomb, maddinson, the goofy cack hander…


He never deserved his test spot in the first place. Technically I don’t like him.


Maddinson was broken before he started. Hack slogger.
Handscomb was broken by good international bowlers who worked out his technique in about 4mins.