Cricket Part III


Overseas/Offshore/away. Whatever. So if Pak v India played in A/a, CA had to schedule a return one day game in Pak And India


Okay, so if my math is correct, and I’m not by any means saying it is, then two ODI’s in India, two in Pakistan, and two in Ireland.
That does not seem too difficult.


Think the laws also changed regarding broadcasting local content. I know there used to be one where there needed to be 8 hours a day or something like that (or 60 a week) that needed to be Australian TV. Channel 9 lapped that up because the ODI gave them 8 in one hit.


Surely Australia arent having Maxwell come in at 7?!

He should be coming in at 4, to either really accelerate or stabilise the innings. He is more than capable of doing either


He should be opening and Finch, who can’t play a swinging ball, should be down the order


In a way I’d love that to be true.
What a farking giveaway.


Before the game the Aussies noted how important it would be that they play the Indian spinners well, I can’t wait to see how Usman plays them (assuming he bats long enough)


At least, by batting first, we won’t be set 400 plus.


CA already going, ‘uh-oh.’


Disappointed Bumrah isn’t playing, gives us a good chance of winning though.

India’s batting looks light, surprised Pant isn’t in there somewhere


We can’t drive for ■■■■, though.


bring on maxwell


He had one good innings in the test series, but Khawaja has been in bad form for a while now, sloppy batting.


Maxwell at 7? Do they expect to be 5-140?


Yes, and if Maxwell doesn’t guide us home to 350+ then it’s ALL his fault


I don’t get it.
Khawaja’s still there.

There’s someone who’s not.


Carey realised he was in danger of being dropped if he kept going like that.


Finch’s obvious technical issues are one thing.

Khawaja’s selection is another.

The question is why have they selected Khawaja in the first place, what form did they go off? He has no Test form, he has no recent ODI/JLT exposure, he hasn’t played BBL, he has always had issues rotating the strike in 50-over cricket and he isn’t exactly the best player of spin going around either.


I’d have picked him.
You have to have an anchor.

Finch’s obvious technical issues is one thing, his very, very poor form is another.
Let’s face it, he’s in the Test team because of his ODI form, sooooo…


And we still can’t drive for ■■■■.
Can we select an ODI opener that can drive?
Changes everything.