Cricket Part III


Wt actual f was that?


I don’t understand why the lawmakers decide that a ball is pitched outside leg-stump if half the ball is outside leg. In my book, that rule is enough of a benefit to the batsman if it pitches entirely outside leg, without giving them another half a ball.

At least it is half a ball now though, rather than any part when Du Plessis had an lbw decision overturned in his first test in Adelaide when they saved the game. At least 95% of that ball pitched in line.

As a left-handed batsman, I enjoyed the rule. As a left-handed bowler, I hated it. And I bowled a lot more than I batted.


Same ball.


Marsh is the anchor in the absence of Warner and Smith.

Carey can be too - although I’m not sure his 50-over cricket is that flash either tbh.

Handscomb is another one well suited to role.

Khawaja isn’t busy enough imo.

If they aren’t going to use the JLT to inform their selections then they should just get rid of it.


I’m with you on any part of the ball in line.
Because it makes sense, as opposed to your full toss rule.
Any part of the ball inline, any part of the ball hits the stumps. That’s…sensible.


You trust Darsh to anchor?
That’s funny.


Friggin half-tracker clubbed for one.


Not really, but without either Warner or Smith he is the best we have.

His ODI record isn’t shabby either. ave 41; 6 tons and 12 50s.


Bring back Pant!
How is he not in this side?


Hang on, you want to have a 2 round tournament with 5 teams? So 20 games every season? Even when the tri-series was popular it was a maximum of about 12 games and it slowly got wound back.
If there’s 20 games, there would be about 5 people attending each one.

I know some of you guys hate 20/20, but it’s not going away and 50 over games aren’t going to suddenly grow in popularity any time soon.
They need to keep the 50 over cricket at a few token games like it is (or play less) and reduce the BBL slightly, but make sure the top players are available for it, to keep the interest up


Why i was happy with the full toss rule was because it cleared up the case when guys sweeping were never given out because they were deemed too far forward.

I’ve seen it abused though, where a guy is hit in front by a fully when it’s clearly missing, or when he’s 4 yards down the track and hit on the toe by a leggie.


That moment when you realise there is a cricket match in progress, you flick on the tv and there is fvcking horse racing on.

F U cricket Australia


Oh wait, yes.
But you’re missing the point.
It’s not a twenty game tournament in Australia.
It’s seven Australian home games, seven New Zealand home games and three neutral games in each country.

Seven games, one in each of the main venues (and two in Adelaide as is traditional).
Three neutral games at smaller, appreciative venues.

Does that make it better for you?


Yep, and if it was after the BBL then you would get A LOT more buy-in from the public.

Personally, the World Cup is the only thing that’ll keep ODIs alive around the world, all of our 50-cricket, at both domestic and International level should be about preparing for the next WC.


I know you’re passionate about this, but a front foot down the pitch hitting on the full is really, really, really unlikely to hit the stumps.
Which is the friggin’ point of the LBW rule.


Where the ■■■■ are the good top-order batsmen ?

Finch bowled through the gate ffs.
Carey falls for the wrist spinner’s classic two-card trick. Gve him a ball that spins away to off that he hits for four. Pitch the next delivery on the same spot, only it’s a top-spinner…. Caught.
Now we’ve got Usman and Smarsh, both of them flaky.

To top it off, it seems Maxy’s batting at 7…


Maybe he won’t get a bat and we’ll post 210.


btw, I thought Carey was very impressive.


Oh yes, didn’t think of the split between countries. That certainly makes it better. I’m not convinced it’s worth doing every year though. I reckon every 4 years (so it’s 2 years away from world cup years). It might actually get some interest then.
I’d love to see some seasons where we just play tests and give the top players a chance to play shield and BBL.


We banned them nearly a year ago