Cricket Part III


iamgine maxwell not wasted 20 balls to get his eye in?


knew the coaches were ■■■■■■■ with this when usman was like yeah 280 is a good score.


Fark me it ■■■■■ me that he’s only going to face 5 balls today. ■■■■■■■ Langer. ■■■■ him off




Clearly too slow on that…


Disgraceful from Maxwell. His strike rate was only 220 and only managed 11 from 5 balls. Reckon his demonstrative personality held him back at the death there, should have made 40 from his 6 balls.


Crazy how far we’ve plummeted in ODI’s sine the last World Cup, 288 just doesn’t cut it anymore, maybe in 1998. India will romp this in


Wonder how many the Narre Warren local will score


Khawaja and Marsh wasted too many balls.
Six overs lost between the two of them.
Not good enough.
They manage a run a ball and we finish around the 320 mark.


Behrendoff is a lanky fck.



Like him.


i love cricket now


288 was always going to be too many :grinning:



Wait, … gonna review ,… Hmmm, maybe missing



India 3/4!

Richardson 2/0


I honestly thought Dhoni retired 3 years ago.


Nah, is good. 3 for not much fk all


I reckon Roger the Rover would be in severe danger if it hovered around me after i’d got out for a second ball duck.


Might have jumped the gun

At least getting good evidence why Starc needs to make way for Richardson in the test team


Interesting little stat…no LBW’s in the Test Series

2 of the first 3 wickets today have been LBW